Exploring the Use of Botulinum Toxin in Parkinson’s Contractures at Southwest Plastic Surgery’s MedSpa

Posted on: May 25, 2023  |   Category:

3 Minute Read:  At Southwest Plastic Surgery’s MedSpa, we’re dedicated to delivering advanced and comprehensive treatments to address a wide variety of medical and aesthetic conditions. Lately, we’ve noted an uptick in patients with Parkinson’s disease experiencing various forms of contractures, such as curled toes, dropped head, and hand contractures. Although Parkinson’s disease is renowned […]

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Posted on: April 21, 2023  |   Category:

EXPERIENCE A SEASON OF RENEWAL WITH UNBEATABLE DEALS ON TOP TREATMENTS Spring has arrived, and with it comes the opportunity to refresh your appearance and enhance your self-confidence! This April, MedSpa Southwest Plastic Surgery is delighted to present a selection of exceptional specials on our most sought-after treatments. Don’t miss out on these limited-time offers […]

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Need Help Paying for Plastic Surgery?

Posted on: February 10, 2023  |   Category: ,

4 Minute Read:  There’s something to be said for investing in yourself, and most of us do in one way or another.  We may even get support from our peers for spending money to purchase the healthiest foods or fill our closets with expensive clothes that help us “dress for the job we want.”  However, […]

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El Paso Consultation Options for Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Treatments

Posted on: February 3, 2023  |   Category:

3 Minute Read:  The consultation is an essential part of achieving a successful outcome with plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments. Since Covid ushered in the age of virtual meetings for almost any purpose, you might wonder if in-person consultations are still necessary for surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  The fact is that video and telephone […]

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Why NeoGraft® Can Be a Great Option for Your Hair Restoration

Posted on: February 1, 2023  |   Category:

3 Minute Read:  One of the most frustrating aesthetic issues that many men and women struggle with is hair loss. Whether your hair is starting to thin or balding in areas, you can feel self-conscious and even embarrassed about your appearance.  And while there are many hair restoration treatments to combat thinning hair and baldness, […]

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Why Choose Avéli™ for Cellulite Treatment?

Posted on: November 29, 2022  |   Category:

2 Minute Read:  If you are a woman with cellulite, you’re not alone. In fact, most women develop this troublesome fat accumulation and skin dimpling on their thighs and buttocks.  Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is resistant to diet and exercise, so getting rid of this stubborn and lumpy fat is difficult without a solution […]

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How Ultrasound Guidance Is Allowing for a Safer BBL

Posted on: November 28, 2022  |   Category: ,

3 Minute Read:  There’s hardly been a time when women haven’t desired full, shapely curves. The hourglass figure has long been considered “ideal,” and part of that shape includes a rounded, full, and lifted backside.  That said, most women are not blessed with the exact butt contour they want. Often, these women turn to cosmetic […]

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Men, Are You Using BOTOX® to Its Full Potential? How Injectables Help With ED and Sexual Health

Posted on: November 15, 2022  |   Category: ,

3 Minute Read:  While not every man understands exactly what botulinum toxins are, most are familiar with the name BOTOX®. BOTOX® is synonymous with cosmetic treatments and is the most commonly performed cosmetic treatment every year by far. Most are familiar with this injection as an anti-aging option: a non-surgical treatment that helps reduce fine […]

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AviClear™: The Newest Advanced Treatment for Your Acne Breakouts

Posted on: November 15, 2022  |   Category: ,

3 Minute Read:  We are proud to introduce AviClear™ – The latest, most versatile, and effective FDA-approved laser acne treatment available today.  If you’ve used Accutane, Isotretinoin, antibiotics, and even other laser procedures to clear up your skin, only to find that the acne returns soon after, you should consider trying AviClear™. How Is AviClear™ […]

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The Planatome Blade – Dr. Agullo’s Blade of Choice

Posted on: October 13, 2022  |   Category:

2 Minute Read:  Dr. Agullo is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over 13 years. He is well-known worldwide for his social media and his ability to achieve consistent and natural-looking results. When it comes to scarring, he stops at nothing to provide his patients with the best results.  His blade […]

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