breast-fat-injectionBreast Fat Injection

A procedure called Breast Fat Injection is a relatively new addition to the array of breast enhancement cosmetic surgeries available today. While fat injections are used in many types of cosmetic procedures that are targeted at different parts of the body; their use in breast enhancement and improvement has gained immense popularity and momentum.

Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice houses the latest technology and equipment necessary to perform such a cosmetic process. Board certified Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Agullo has performed breast fat injection procedures on hundreds of satisfied patients in New Mexico, Northern Mexico and West Texas. With a prestigious degree from the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Agullo is very understanding, caring and thorough with his patients. They give them heightened self-confidence with optimal results.

How does a Fat Injection Procedure improve the feel and appearance of breasts? It will be correct to think of Breast Fat Injections as an alternative to Breast Augmentation. While in the latter, synthetic Saline or Silicone Implants are positioned inside the breast tissue to uplift it and give more volume; Fat injections make the breasts rounder and fuller by simply adding more fatty tissue that is taken from other parts of the body like the abdomen or the thighs. This way, the breasts retain their soft and bouncy natural feeling.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Fat Injection Procedure

Just as every medical procedure has pros and cons, every cosmetic surgery comes with its set of goods and bads. Fat injection is, no doubt, one of the most sought after procedures in cosmetic surgery. Many women who cringe at the thought of artificial implants see fat injections as the perfect solution to small and unattractive breasts. One prerequisite of going through with this procedure is the presence of excess fat in certain parts of the body. For instance, if you are very slim, finding fat elsewhere in the body and injecting it in the bust will be hard if not impossible.

Therefore, this and many other concerns will have to be discussed and brought in the open during the consultation and examination sessions with Dr. Agullo. Because every case of breast enhancement with fat injections is different, the surgeon at Southwest Practice believes in giving individualized care to each patient. From consultation and surgery to the final follow up, your doctor will be with you every step of the way.

The following are some major advantages of opting for Fat Injections for Breast Enhancement over and above the typical breast augmentation procedure.

  • More natural look and feel because the body’s own fat resources are used.
  • It gives a better, sculpted figure because natural fat tissue moulds itself easily.
  • There is minimal scarring because very few incisions need to be made.
  • The procedure is safer than other techniques used to improve the look and feel of breasts.
  • This process enhances the shape and fullness of breasts simultaneously. No other processes need to be combined if you simply want more volume.
  • It is minimally invasive because fewer incisions are made during fat injection. Therefore, the recovery period is short and much smoother.

Apart from these million-dollar benefits, there are some drawbacks of the Fat Injection Procedure as well.

  • The surgery takes slightly longer and involves more steps than a regular augmentation.
  • Unlike other procedures that let you add as many cup sizes as you want, one session of Fat Injection only adds one or two cups to the original size of your breasts.
  • The cost of more than one session of fat injection will add up to be higher than the cost of a traditional breast augmentation surgery with implants.
  • There is a chance that some of the injected fat will not take add to your breasts; instead, it will be ‘reabsorbed.’ Such a drawback is nonexistent in a breast augmentation procedure that is completed with implants.

The Process for Preparing and Injecting Fat to the Breasts

Ideally, a candidate for a fat injection procedure should be in the thirties. Outgrowing the age when breasts are still developing is preferred by most cosmetic surgeons because a concrete evaluation can then be made about a woman’s genetic and physical conditions.
Typically, a fat injection process starts with an examination of the body parts that can be donors of fatty tissue. At the time of surgery, when the doctor takes out or harvests fat from the parts selected (stomach, buttocks, calves etc.), the fat tissue has to be grafted first. The grafting process has to be gentle and slow, which is why a fat injection process is more time consuming than a regular breast augmentation.

If need be, Dr. Agullo will harvest and graft fat from several different parts of the body. Via liposuction, this fat tissue is extracted, prepared and then injected in the breast mounds to make them fuller and rounder. Thus, another prominent advantage of the fat injection process is the liposuction of fat from areas that you want to flatten and tone. This makes fat injection an obvious choice for women who want to enhance more than one part of their body with the same surgery.

Due to the use of liposuction, a fat injection procedure has to be managed and watched carefully and planned. A surgeon has to take out enough fat for injection in the breasts and at the same time, he also has to make sure the physique of the patient is not disturbed by the suction. This is an intricate stage in the Fat Injection Process because the doctor has to be careful to extract just the right amount of fat without making the body suffer. If not managed properly, severe side effects can result. Years spent in the field of cosmetic surgery guarantees that Dr. Agullo makes sure the injections are administered in a highly professional manner.

Because ample time needs to be spent on this process, many surgeons prefer to complete the injection procedure in multiple sittings. In this case, multiple small injections are administered instead of one big fat injection. Apart from being more convenient, this method also results in greater precision in reshaping and realigning both breasts into a perfect bust line.

In either case, it is upon the doctor’s discretion to make a patient wear an external expander called Brava. Prior to the breast enhancement procedure, the Brava ensures that the body is in the best condition to receive fat injections. The expander works to put pressure on the chest, urging the body to generate new skin and tissues, thus making room for more fat to be injected.

Weeks before the procedure is scheduled, Dr. Agullo will walk you through the basics and make sure you are comfortable with every little detail. Discuss any reservations you have and let the surgeon help you in every way possible.

Recovering After the Fat Injection Procedure

As mentioned previously, recovering from this outpatient procedure is much easier and faster than other breast augmentation techniques. Because there are minimum incisions made, a woman can start indulging in daily activities easily, just a day or two into the process.

While recovery may be easy, a Fat Injections patient should keep in mind that not all fat injected will survive. While some integrates with the original breast muscle and tissue, a small fraction of the new fat deposits also dimple and decrease in the process.
Being patient is the key here. Dr. Agullo urges all women opting for fat injections to have a long-term vision so that enough time is given for the process to yield results. Many a times, patients are given multiple fat injections, either under conscious sedation or complete general anesthesia. These are spread across several weeks to give them the results they have always wanted.

Side Effects of Fat Injections

Because a Fat Injection Process doesn’t involve the use of implants and other synthetic material, the risks associated with this surgery are quite reduced. Some side effects, however, need to be addressed. If you have plans to conceive or nurse a child in the near future, it is better to keep these side effects in mind and discuss your options with the doctor. The surgeon at Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice will explain these side effects in detail and give a friendly and objective opinion on what you should do.

Fat Injections can result in:

  • A bumpy textured skin
  • Formation of cysts in the breasts
  • Infection within the breasts
  • Scarring on a mammogram
  • Fat atrophy
  • Lopsidedness and Asymmetric appearance
  • Rippling of skin

Nonetheless, fat injection is one of the safest and most prescribed ways to make your breasts voluptuous and give the bust line a distinguished lift.

Is Fat Injection an Expensive Procedure?

Fat Injection is a delicate procedure. There are a number of steps involved and each has to be just right for the process to yield the best results. Owing to the complexity and cutting edge technology involved, a fat injection process costs somewhere between $5,500 – $8,000, the exact amount depending on variables that are evaluated during consultation with Dr. Agullo.

To make sure your money is spent well and your confidence is boosted by your new appearance, always consult a specialized Cosmetic Surgeon who has proper knowhow of the Fat Injection procedure.