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Among the many defining features of our personality, hair is one that plays an important role in boosting self-esteem and confidence. In social and cultural context, thick and shiny hair is usually associated with youthfulness and health, while for cosmetic purposes, show-stopping hair is the best charm any man or woman can have.

However, not everyone is bestowed with hair that is strong and has a lively shine and luster to it. Either genetically or due to reasons such as pregnancy, age, stress and depression, many people start losing hair at a young age. Hence, by the time they are middle-aged, they are either bald (men in particular) or have very thin and dull hair, something many people wish they could change about themselves.

Well, lucky for them, the field of Cosmetic Surgery has seen rapid development in the past few years, making such changes only a matter of skill and technology. Hair Transplant is the ideal solution to thin and dull hair. Think of this treatment as a restorative surgery to bring back life to a patient’s hair and to enrich them with proteins for stronger growth.

Hair Transplant Treatments have gained immense popularity among both genders. While the majority of its beneficiaries consists of men, hair restoration surgeries are quite common, not only for beautification but also to fulfill the functional purpose hair serve for us. Because the importance of healthy hair has been stressed so strongly in aesthetic circles, one often forgets that these strands protect the scalp as well. Therefore, a Hair Transplant is not merely a beautification technique, it is quite a practical necessity.

Dr. Agullo understands the importance of a hair transplant and the drastic change it can bring to an individual’s life. He has been trained in Plastic Surgery at the world famous Mayo Clinic and has many years of experience performing various types of cosmetic procedures including hair transplants.

Thus, Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice is one of the top medically equipped facilities for hair transplant procedures all over North America, especially in the regions of New Mexico, Northern Mexico and Southern Texas. Hundreds of patients are given hair restoration treatment at the center, where Dr. Agullo provides each patient with individualized care.

Because there are multiple reasons for hair loss, most of which only become apparent after a thorough medical exam, and since no two patients are the same, the best way to go forward with a hair transplant is to have a conversation with the surgeons at Southwest. Consultation sessions are the first step to get a hair transplant done because during these sessions, Dr. Agullo will assess a patient’s medical history including any and every factor that may be contributing to loss of hair and balding.

During these sessions, you will have a chance to openly discuss any reservations or concerns you may have regarding the treatment, the course of action taken, the recovery period or even the techniques used for the transplant. A one-on-one consultation is the best way to decide on the feasibility of getting a transplant done and above all, putting your mind at ease about the treatment.

Any one or all of the following topics related to hair transplant may be a part of the discussion between you and your surgeon during the consultation sessions.

Hair Transplant