LabiaplastyLabiaplasty: a Cosmetic Breakthrough

The popularity of cosmetic treatments and surgeries cannot be underestimated. Neither can it be denied when thousands of people across America boast cosmetically enhanced breasts, eyebrows, lips, chins and even something as intricate and delicate as eyelids.

For proponents of cosmetic surgery, these treatments are the most suitable remedy to enhance an individual’s appearance and give them the figure and features they wished for. So much so that the field of cosmetics has even revolutionized the way women feel about their sexual competence.

As far as face and breast lifts are concerned, you will find ample information and resources regarding these procedures and what to expect from the results. However, when it comes to treatments that help females enhance the appearance and proportion of their vagina and related parts, the matter is not often discussed.

Agreed, that such talk is rather personal for a female, however, providing adequate information and helpful guidelines has become necessary as more and more women now turn towards Labiaplasty as a solution to their sexual problems. Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice strongly forwards this belief and helps educate women from all over Southern Texas, Northern Mexico and New Mexico about this treatment.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that alters and modifies the length and shape of the outer and inner lips of the vagina. Even though Labiapaslty is not one of the most heard of procedures, distortion in the shape of the outer lips called, ‘Labia Majora’ or the inner lips called, ‘Labia Minora’ of the vagina is quite common. It may either be a result of child birth, heavy sexual intercourse or even a genetic distortion.

Either way, Labiaplasty is the best solution to trim the lips of the vagina to a size that is normal and thus enable a woman to enjoy her life to the fullest.

Dr. Agullo at the Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice holds privileged degrees in General and Plastic Surgery and has been trained in the field of Cosmetics at the world famous Mayo Clinic. With such specializations and 30 years of experience, Dr. Agullo has thousands of satisfied patients in the El Paso and Texas regions.

Do You Need Labiaplasty?

Deciding if you need Labiaplasty is an important step and one that is often skipped by most women. Just about any problem in your sexual life does not make you eligible for this cosmetic procedure. Therefore, a thorough analysis and examination is a must.

While Dr. Agullo arranges special consultation sessions with each patient to discuss the need of Labiaplasty and how to go about it, it helps to know what signs to look out for to spot a problem with the shape or length of the lips of your vagina.

Do you feel:

  • Genital pain from time to time?
  • You are conscious about how your vagina looks to your partner?
  • You want to enhance sexual fulfillment?
  • You are not as trim ‘from below the belt’ as you should be?

If you identify with one or all of these situations, a visit to Southwest Clinic should be on your agenda.

Cosmetic Techniques Used for Labiaplasty

Because Labiaplasty is a growing field of cosmetic surgery, rapid technological advancement has informed the procedures used for it. Being a rejuvenation treatment, Labiaplasty involves the use of scissors, scalpels and even lasers to trim and enhance the appearance of the vagina. All techniques used for this treatment either reduce the length of the Labia Minora or enhance the Labia Majora to give a woman a boost of self esteem and reassurance.

Before discussing each technique in detail, it is important to clarify that the word Labiaplasty is an umbrella term for all kinds of treatments related to the vagina and its opening. While some women may only want to tighten the muscles around their femininity, others may want a complete restructuring of the outer and inner lips.

Hence, depending on your need and the feasibility options considered by the surgeon, one of the following techniques will be used to perform a Labiaplasty procedure on you.

Labia Minora Reduction:

The simplest and most basic procedure under Labiaplasty is Labia Minora Reduction. During this process, Dr. Agullo will trim a section of the inner lips to give them shape and what is popularly known as the ‘Barbie’ look. Previously used as a medical necessity, Labia Minora Reduction has today become one of the most commonly performed surgeries among women whose vagina is distorted as a result of childbirth.

The Wedge Method:

Introduced by Dr. Gary Alter, graduate and visiting professor at The Mayo Clinic, The Wedge Method originated in the Beverly Hills and is used to change the appearance of the female genitalia completely. In this technique, the surgeon trims the Labia and reduces both, its shape and size by removing unwanted skin around the lips. This ‘V’ shape is then sutured to form a straight line.

Because of constant development in the equipment used for a Wedge Method, a patient will be surprised to see no scarring post surgery. Moreover, it also preserves the gentle discoloration of the external vaginal borders to give a natural feeling.


The main reason why women opt for a Hoodectomy is enhanced sexual satisfaction and stimulation. A Hoodectomy is a procedure that removes a portion of the Clitoral Hood to expose the internal vagina, called the Clitoris.

Vaginal Tightening:

A vaginal tightening is a simple procedure that repairs and tightens the outer muscles of the vagina. It can be combined with any of the above procedures to bring about a change in the way a vagina looks and feels.

Preparation & Recovery for Labiaplasty

Once you and your Plastic Surgeon have decided which Labiaplasty method is right for you, the next step is to prepare for the surgery. Remember, a Labiaplasty is a delicate procedure. Hence, it is strictly advised that you contact a board certified doctor and a facility that is accredited to perform such procedures by the American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Under Dr. Agullo’s care, you will feel assured of the best treatments, results and pre and post surgery guidelines. Make sure you follow his advice and keep in mind the following points:

  • Before the surgeon schedules a Labiaplasty, he will ask you to quit smoking if you are a chain smoker. Because smoking raises the chances of blood clots during a surgery, it is always advisable for a patient to look forward to a healthy lifestyle in addition to enjoying the benefits of Labiaplasty.
  • Moreover, stop taking medication like aspirin or any other painkillers that contain blood thinners.
  • Make sure you inform your doctor of any daily supplements that you take. Even harmless medication like Omega 3 tablets are often discontinued to make sure no complications arise as a result of the Labiaplasty.
  • Perhaps the most important precaution, pre and post surgery, is avoiding sexual intercourse. For a few days before and at least 4 weeks after the surgery, you will be asked to stay away from intercourse so that your pubic region can heal properly. Because this area will be swollen and sore, it is necessary that adequate time is given for it to recover before it goes through the regular motions of sexual intercourse.
  • Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you up to the clinic and back after the surgery to avoid any inconvenience at the last minute.

What are the Risks Associated with Labiaplasty?

A Labiaplasty is an out-patient procedure that takes no more than 1 to 2 hours to complete. With a competent and award winning surgeon like Dr. Agullo on the team, you can be assured of the best medical advice and service.

Today, a labiaplasty is considered to be a minor and rather simple surgery that is safe to be performed on most women who have stable medical histories. While it doesn’t usually result in complications, outlining some of the major risks or side effects helps patients make informed decisions.

The risks resulting from a Labiaplasty are:

  • Irritation around the vagina.
  • Vaginal Infection.
  • Incision rupture resulting in heavy bleeding.
  • Scarring as a result of surgery.
  • Vaginal Pain.
  • Changes in skin pigmentation.
  • Revision surgeries.
  • Asymmetry of the lips.
  • Changes in the ability to feel sensation.

Remember, these side effects are not commonplace with every Labiaplasty. Nonetheless, you can openly discuss any reservations you may have prior to the surgery during the consultation sessions. Dr. Agullo fully understands that such a surgery has a huge emotional impact on the patient; therefore, ample emotional support is part and parcel of the consultation sessions.

The Cost of Labiaplasty

The average cost of a Labiaplasty in the El Paso and Texas region is around $3,600 – $8,000. While this cost seems a lot to some patients, it should be remembered that a Labiaplasty is a delicate procedure that has to be performed with the utmost care and skill.

This cost covers the expenses related to:

  • The services of a highly qualified and experienced surgeon.
  • The use of medical facility and equipment.
  • The use of anesthesia, either General or IV Sedation and the fee of a trained anesthesiologist.
  • Revisions and follow up appointments.

While a concrete number cannot be quoted in the preliminary stages, once you visit the Practice and consult with the surgeon, an estimate can be given. This would depend on the extent of reconstruction or tightening needed and the kind of anesthesia you prefer during the surgery.