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El Paso Consultation Options for Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Treatments

Posted on: February 3, 2023  |   Category:

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The consultation is an essential part of achieving a successful outcome with plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments. Since Covid ushered in the age of virtual meetings for almost any purpose, you might wonder if in-person consultations are still necessary for surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Woman sitting at a computer monitor.

The fact is that video and telephone appointments are becoming more common, but in-person consultations still have their advantages. 

On the other hand, there are benefits that are exclusive to virtual consultations. Dr. Agullo offers both types of consultations to his Southwest Plastic Surgery patients.

Virtual Consultations for Cosmetic Surgery and Treatments

Virtual plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment consultations offer convenience for many who find it difficult or impossible to meet in person in advance of their procedures.

These may include:

  • Single moms and dads
  • Individuals who don’t drive or have reliable transportation
  • Those with busy or unpredictable schedules 
  • Out-of-town patients

A virtual consultation provides an opportunity for the patient to discuss their cosmetic concerns with the doctor in the comfort of their home or office and learn what their best options are to achieve their goals. 

By requesting and receiving clear photographs of the area(s) to be addressed, along with a completed health questionnaire, the surgeon can assess the patient, make recommendations, and provide an accurate, inclusive cost estimate

If the patient wants to proceed, the practice will email preoperative instructions, take a deposit, and schedule the procedure pending test results.

This option makes it easy for busy people to get a clear understanding of what they can expect before, during, and after their cosmetic procedure so they can plan to use their valuable free time accordingly.

Virtual Consultations for Out-Of-Town Plastic Surgery Patients

Many individuals across the country don’t have ample access to qualified plastic surgeons in their areas and are wise to seek treatment out of town or in a different state completely.

While it may be convenient for anyone who desires surgical or non-surgical cosmetic treatment, a virtual consultation may be the only option for those traveling a significant distance to receive plastic surgery.

Traveling plastic surgery patients can receive their preoperative testing orders digitally or by mail and complete this testing in their home towns. Plastic surgery practices that cater to traveling clientele have dedicated staff to advise patients on scheduling their arriving and departing flights while helping them coordinate comfortable accommodations.

In-Person Consultations for Cosmetic ProceduresA man consults with a doctor at his office.

When possible, nothing beats an in-person consultation. This meeting provides the surgeon with a three-dimensional view of the patient for a comprehensive physical evaluation and a more personal experience for both parties. 

An in-person consultation also allows the patient to see the surgeon’s office or surgery center and experience its ambiance. 

Plastic Surgery Consultation Wait Times

Sometimes it takes longer to get an in-person or virtual consultation with the surgeon, so this is another aspect to consider.

If you have time constraints related to surgery and recovery periods, some providers may offer virtual or in-person consultations with a nurse practitioner or email consultations with the surgeon. 

A board-certified plastic surgeon will ensure these consultations review all available options and include an in-depth review of the patient’s medical history.

Your El Paso, TX Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Procedure Consultation Options

Dr. Frank Agullo is a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon in El Paso, Texas, who offers the following consultation options:

  • Virtual consultation with Dr. Agullo
  • In-person consultation with Dr. Agullo

Or for less wait time:

  • Fast-track consultation via email with photos, etc.
  • Virtual and in-person consultation with the Nurse Practitioner 

Dr. Agullo’s El Paso plastic surgery practice caters to patients traveling from out of town for their procedures. To schedule your consultation or learn more about our services, call (915) 590 7900.