Whether you have an average frame or carry a little more weight than you prefer, it is very possible to have a double chin, no matter what the rest of your body looks like. Does a double chin make you feel self-conscious about your appearance? If you have ever wished that your double chin would disappear, then you will be excited about the newest MedSpa procedure now available at Southwest Plastic Surgery of El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM.

Southwest Plastic Surgery is pleased to be one of the very first plastic surgery centers in the U.S. to bring you a new, recently FDA-approved; injectable that is specifically designed to melt away the fat on your chin. Just like the deoxycholic acid created by your own body, Kybella absorbs fat; however, upon injection into the submental fat zone on the lower part of the jawline and chin, it dissolves the fat cells. Kybella is not designed for other parts of your body; it is specifically designed and only approved to eliminate chin fat.

The medical term for this double chin fat region is called “submental fullness”, which is a polite way of describing that “turkey neck” that many people dislike about their face. Until now, the only other solution for eliminating chin fat has been through surgery or liposuction. These methods are more invasive than Kybella, which is considered a very quick, hassle-free and virtually painless injectable, similar to those you would receive with Botox or facial filler enhancements. The difference is that with Kybella, instead of “filling” in the fine lines and wrinkles, the Kybella starts working to eradicate those stubborn fat deposits that make your face appear bloated, puffy or chubby.


What is Kybella Made Of?

The technical name for Kybella is ATX-101, which is a patented, synthetic version of deoxycholic acid. Your body already produces these molecules, which are supposed to metabolize the cellulite pockets from dietary fats. However, as the aging process occurs, these systems often slow down, making it more difficult to eliminate the fat in that area of your body. This is why you might see a healthy, somewhat thin person who still appears to have a double chin. It can happen to people of all body sizes and shapes.

At any rate, Kybella was first designed and produced by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, who are already known for their prescription cosmetics. They have a reputable, science based formula that has been in the works for years. In fact, Kybella has already been in use and approved in other countries for decades. The first known users of chin-zapping injectables were in France. Now it is finally available in America for public use, but it can only be injected by a board-certified, qualified physician, such as the doctors at Southwest Plastic Surgery. That aspect may change as time goes on. Because it is so new, there is still a lot of research to be done.

Users are cautioned about potential side effects, such as bruising or swelling within the injected areas; or numbness, redness, and other potential hazards. Although rare, Kybella users should also know about other potential effects. Among those include facial muscle weakness, twitching, nerve injury or difficulty swallowing food. We strongly encourage patients to choose a reputable, board certified cosmetic surgeon, such as the doctors at Southwest Plastic Surgery. In fact, the FDA encourages consumers to only allow licensed, health care providers to administer Kybella.

How Does Kybella Work?

In simple terms, Kybella disrupts the fat cells that stick to your lower jawline. As soon as it is inserted, the ingredients start causing lysis, which gets rid of those stubborn fat membranes and allows the body to revert to its normal, metabolic process. Your body can process and function as normal.

As soon as it is injected, Kybella begins working. In case you are wondering what happens to the leftover skin after the fat disappears, that is a valid question. Dr. Agullo recommends lipo for the extraneous skin, particularly in patients with flexible skin elasticity. In order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome, some people may need to undergo neck lift surgery at a later date. However, this depends on how much fat is dissolved and how heavy or healthy the person is; prior to the Kybella injections.

Just so you know, the chin may naturally experience some inflammation for a day or two after the procedure. Your chin may be sore, tender or swollen. That is because your body is contracting the chin skin, while eliminating the cellular overage in the chin. Not to worry though, the procedure is non-invasive and can be done within a simple visit.

Discover if Kybella Will Banish Your Double Chin

If you’ve been hiding behind a double chin, you may be one of the first to contact and come in to Southwest Plastic Surgery for a consultation. In fact, this will make you one of the first few hundreds of people across the U.S. to use Kybella, which is not widely available as of yet.

Before you come in to get a consultation, there are a few things to consider about Kybella to get rid of a double chin:

  • Kybella is ONLY approved for use in the area of your chin and jaw area, where the fat deposits are located. It is not meant for any other body part at this time
  • Within one session, you may receive as many as 50 Kybella injections on the first visit. Depending on how severe or mild your “turkey neck” is, the doctor may recommend and schedule up to 6 more Kybella injection sessions; typically at least one month in between each visit.
  • Kybella should never be diluted or blended with any other compounds or chemicals.

Kybella’s impressive, double-chin elimination successes were deemed safe based upon clinical trials. On two separate occasions, 1,000+ adults with mild-to-serious submental chin fat were randomly given either placebo treatments or Kybella injections over the course of six, separate visits. The patients with the most notable successes and reduced fat in the submental area of the face were those who had been treated with Kybella.

Although brand new in its availability, Kybella has the potential to become the “go-to” solution for eliminating submental chin fat. The opportunity is promising!

Contact Southwest Plastic Surgery today to be one of the first to experience Kybella in Southwest Texas! See what all the fuss is about. Schedule a visit today.