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Welcome to the cutting edge breakthrough in non-surgical fat removal! Have you dreamt about transforming your physique but dread the time, financial cost and long healing time associated with plastic surgery? When you look in the mirror, are you disappointed with the visible fat or do you have difficulty fitting in your clothes compared to a few years ago? Southwest Plastic Surgery in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM is one of the very first in the country to reveal Vanquish™, a revolutionary new way to “vanquish” the unwanted fat on your body without the hassle, expense and time involved in plastic surgery. This non-surgical fat removal technique is being hailed by Hollywood stars and starlets alike, especially those who are often in the limelight and appearing in red carpet events. Now everyone can get a “red carpet” body with this amazing new tool! Vanquish™ is not an alternative for obesity. However, Vanquish™ is an excellent solution for people who just want to trim a little bit “here and there” and who want a very simple, straightforward method to remove unwanted fat and cellulite pockets. Get those curves and contours back! Whether you are a man or woman who needs a quick, easy way to eliminate fat – Vanquish™ does it without even touching your body!


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How Does Vanquish™ Work?

Vanquish was first introduced in 2013 at a dermatology office in San Diego. After the buzz quickly caught on, and the visual effects became noticeable, Vanquish was made available to the mainstream cosmetic market. Through a Selective RF™ system, the Vanquish™ device delivers radiofrequencies to selectively target the fatty areas of your body and gently remove them. Through a gentle source of heat, the patient can experience noticeable decrease in fat stores along the waistline, hips, buttocks, thighs, and in other targeted zones. The selective process is completely non-invasive, so the patient will merely feel a “warm energy” that radiates their entire body. This is a device that yields “death by association” for the apoptosis (fat cells) and has been tried and proven scientifically to be highly effective in removing unwanted fat. Before being introduced to the market, this body-contouring tool was clinically approved. Patients must come in for four (4), thirty or forty-five minute treatments in order to achieve the full and long-lasting effects of Vanquish™. You will be able to lie down comfortably and be completely awake during the Vanquish procedure. The device is placed directly above the desired area, whereupon you may wish to close your eyes and relax, enjoy the warmth. Pretend you are lying in a spa, if you like!

Are There Any Risks?

Vanquish™ works with no risk to the patient, including the underlying elements of the person’s body. Internal organs, muscles and tissues remain unharmed. Not only is Vanquish™ painless, it is safe and very comfortable. Unlike surgical methods of fat removal, Vanquish™ needs no anesthesia for treatment. You may see a slight redness or tissue tenderness for a day or two following the procedure, but it is barely existent and the rewards greatly outweigh the initial hesitation. In fact, some people enjoy the warmth of Vanquish™ and look forward to the procedure. We strive to make the experience as relaxing and possible. Vanquish is FDA-approved as a deep tissue treatment and is pending final approval as a fat-loss reduction method. However, in Europe, Vanquish™ patients experienced an average of 2¼” off their waistline, after only four weekly treatments.

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

With most body contouring procedures, you can plan on needing a day or two, or sometimes weeks to recover, depending on the extent of your procedure. Vanquish™ is totally different! In fact, you can go right back to work, if you wish! Or you can come in for a painless Vanquish™ procedure and meet up for a date later that same evening! Many patients notice improvements after a day or two of their first Vanquish™ in-house procedure. It does take about a week or two before you may fully notice a change, such as wearing a different dress or pant size. It takes time for your body to get rid of those ugly fat cells, but you will experience continual, yet gradual improvement as time goes on. The best part is that as long as you keep up with your current lifestyle, diet and weight management regiment, the results are permanent. Many patients notice immediate satisfaction and happily rave about their “better fitting” clothes. Vanquish™ is expected to become a superior face in the cosmetic industry because of its convenience, affordability, great results and ease of access.

What Does Vanquish™ Feel Like?

Many people who experience Vanquish™ say that it feels like a “heating blanket” or heating pad has been placed on them, as the device gently works its magic. It is a smart device that is able to auto focus to the appropriate body zones that have more fat, while delivering less energy to the areas of less fat. This will give the patient a very smooth, realistic look that does not look contrived or take a long time to heal. In fact, Vanquish™ boasts the largest surface treatment area of any fat removal technologies in today’s plastic surgery industry. Its wide platform has adjustable flaps on each side, so it can comfortably cover a person’s midline area to target the tummy, belly, love handles and then on the back of their hips and waistline. It certainly makes your jeans fit better!

How to Prepare for Vanquish™ Rapid Fat Loss Removal

What does a patient need to do to get ready for Vanquish™ treatments, prior to coming to Southwest Plastic Surgery in Texas? Really, not much! Unlike traditional plastic surgery procedures, Vanquish™ is a very relaxing, comfortable experience that you can even drive yourself to and from the appointment. Dr. Agullo and his trained staff can explain everything about the Vanquish™ system if you have questions, as well as showing you what type of results you may expect after coming in for a series of treatments.

How much does Vanquish™ cost in Southwest TX?

Because the technology is so new, we cannot be certain how much it costs at other clinics around the country. In Hollywood, the stars most likely pay higher prices. But now that Vanquish™ is available to everyone – you can expect these costs to start at $2,000 for BTL Vanquish™ in El Paso and Las Cruces regions. Get an estimate by scheduling a consultation at Southwest Plastic Surgery. Dr. Agullo is a board-certified, highly respected and award winning plastic surgeon from El Paso and Southwest Plastic Surgery is one of the area’s very best plastic surgery centers. You are in good hands!

Stop Tummy Fat and Love Handles in Their Tracks

Regain your waistline – and look good in your clothes again – once and for all! BTL Vanquish™ is certain to boost your self-confidence right away, and you will absolutely love the results, ease of treatments and affordability of this breakthrough new fat removal technology!

Learn more about BTL Vanquish™. Schedule a consultation to get a flatter, more appealing waistline today!