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Intimate Bleaching

Skin bleaching is a more common practice than one would assume, and it has steadily gained more popularity over the years. While there are at-home methods to lighten the skin, bleaching should always be performed by an experienced cosmetic professional to avoid complications and discomfort. Dr. Agullo offers intimate bleaching that can be performed on the genital area, perineal, inguinal, axilla, elbows, and knees, restoring patients’ confidence in the appearance of these sensitive areas.

Do You...

  • Desire a more even and visually pleasing skin tone?
  • Feel self-conscious about areas of your body that have darkened over time?
  • Want to feel confident in how your intimate areas look?

What Intimate Bleaching Can Achieve

Smoother-Looking Skin

Aging, pregnancy, and genetics can contribute to darkening of the skin in our most intimate areas. Darkened tissue can appear rougher or generally displeasing, but intimate bleaching can help patients achieve the smoother and softer-looking skin they desire.

Quick Treatment

Intimate bleaching is a fast procedure that can take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. Most patients require multiple appointments to obtain optimal results, but they are easy to fit into any schedule due to their quick nature.

Improved Self-esteem

Patients who opt for intimate bleaching report experiencing a heightened quality of life as well as feeling less self-conscious about these areas. Having enhanced self-esteem is possibly the most significant benefit of this treatment. By improving their self-confidence, patients can be happier about their appearance and feel more comfortable with their bodies.

Intimate Bleaching Procedure


Intimate bleaching is a very personal treatment that must be handled with individualized care. During the initial consultation, our aesthetic provider reviews the cosmetic desires and needs of each patient to determine the most suitable treatment approach.


Customized to every patient, treatment is painless and designed to target hyperpigmentation. We utilize a combination of advanced laser technology along with topical skin lighteners. This will progressively resurface the darkened skin, resulting in a lighter and more even skin tone.


The treated area may be slightly tender following an intimate bleaching procedure. Patients who undergo genital or perineal bleaching are advised to avoid sexual intercourse for at least 48 hours after treatment. Otherwise, all normal activities may be resumed immediately.

Intimate Bleaching FAQs

While sensitivity in intimate areas can vary significantly amongst patients, most do not experience any pain, only minor discomfort and a warm sensation in the treated region. After treatment, some patients can experience minor sensitivity, redness, and swelling. These side effects usually resolve within 24 hours.

Results will vary depending on the severity of hyperpigmentation that is being treated. Typically, lightening of the area will become apparent within two weeks of the initial treatment. Intimate bleaching is a gradual process that usually takes several sessions to reach the desired degree of skin lightening. It is crucial that the patient adheres to the recommended protocol, performs the at-home treatment, and schedules yearly touch-up treatments to achieve and maintain optimal results.

Most certainly! Many patients who experience hyperpigmentation of intimate areas commonly suffer from darkened skin in other parts of the body, including the underarms, elbows, knees, inguinal, and perineal areas. At the MedSpa at Southwest Plastic Surgery, we offer tailored treatments to address a combination of these areas to suit every patient’s needs:

  • ULTIMATE: Anal, inguinal, labia, and axilla
  • PREMIUM: Two areas (anal and labia or inguinal and axilla)
  • STANDARD: One area of any of the above

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