Chin-AugmentationChin Augmentation: Bring Balance to Facial Features

Technological development in cosmetic treatments and surgeries has become fast paced and profound in the last decade. Whereas in the past, most people previous thought there was no solution for the prominent wrinkles and disproportionate features of their face, today cosmetic procedures have the power to fix all kinds of undesirable facial features and enhance an individual’s natural beauty.

A Chin Augmentation is one such procedure that improves facial appearance post surgery. But what exactly is this procedure? A typical chin augmentation is the process of inserting implants into the structure of the chin to make it a stand-out feature. Such a treatment benefits both, the aesthetic and functional aspect of the chin.

For individuals who have a disproportionate chin structure, an implant surgery on this focal area is the perfect remedy. On the other hand, people who feel their chin and throat are not the ideal distance, making them unhappy about their appearance; a carefully conducted chin augmentation is the best solution.

A chin reduction is often grouped under the umbrella of chin augmentation. However, instead of inserting an implant, a chin reduction calls for the surgeon to sculpt and shape the lower jaw bone to a size and shape that is desired by the patient.

But why go through a surgery? Surely, there are other noninvasive ways to treat these problems, no? Many people question the efficacy of a chin augmentation surgery because the sound of an implant in your face seems scary and unbelievable. However, chin implants are a long lasting and close to permanent treatment for any type of irregularity with an individual’s chin compared to other touch up surgeries that are temporary.

Therefore, while these concerns are valid, chin augmentation is a highly professional and intricate process performed according to strict guidelines. During your first visit to Southwest, Dr. Agullo – a Mayo Clinic-trained surgeon at the Southwest Plastic Surgery – will give you a detailed summary of the Chin Augmentation Process so that you know what to expect.

Combination Procedures for Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation with implants is one of those surgical procedures that are often combined with other face lifting treatments. During your consultation sessions with Dr. Agullo, do not hesitate to point out the areas of the face that you want improved. Dr. Agullo will do his best to combine the most appropriate procedures and make a face lift easy and hassle free for you. In fact, most people prefer to go through many cosmetic procedures at one time so that they do not have to prepare for each one separately.

Some combination treatments include:

  • A complete facelift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Neck Lift
  • Otoplasty
  • Fat Injections

Techniques Used to Enhance the Chin

Dr. Agullo specializes in all kinds of chin treatments. A double certification in Plastic and General Surgery and years of experience in the field have equipped Dr. Agullo with a wealth of knowledge and knowhow about cosmetic treatments.

With high standards to boast, chin augmentation is performed with the best equipment and technology at the Southwest clinic. The techniques used to enhance the chin usually alter the width or length of the face, giving it a more beautiful appearance and structure. To give patients an idea of what they will look like after the surgery, Dr. Agullo uses an advanced system called 3D Vetra Imaging. With just a few modifications in images, Dr. Agullo will be able to show you how you will look in just a few days!

Chin implant techniques vary according to the type of implant used. Most commonly, surgeons either make use of a Silicone Implant or a Medpor Implant – both of which have proven effectiveness and quality standards. However, depending on the problems faced by the patient, Dr. Agullo will prescribe the use of one type over the other.

With a Silicone Implant, an incision will be made just under the chin, i.e. along the natural curve of the lower jaw. Once the incision is made, the doctor stretches the tissue in the skin to make a pocket-like space for the implant to be fitted in. This cut is only as big as the implant so that it can be set within the skin muscles and tissues easily. The biggest advantage of using silicone implants is that they are malleable and are shaped according to the facial structure of the patient.

On the other hand, a Medpor Implant is hard, rigid and therefore, more suitable to be used for patients with severely disproportionate facial structures. For this implant, an incision inside the mouth has to be made to complete the augmentation process.

When the implants are settled in place between the tissues and lower jaw bone, the surgeon proceeds to close the incision with sutures. Dr. Agullo understands the reservations you may have about scarring and the general appearance of your face post surgery. Hence, Dr. Agullo does his best to minimize the incision length and skillfully close it, leaving very little chances of surgery scars to appear.

At Southwest Practice, the cosmetic surgery team makes sure you achieve the results that you desire after a chin augmentation. From a skillfully inserted implant to the gently placed tapes on your lower jaw; you will be treated with plenty of care to make your experience pain and hassle free.

Preparation & Recovery for Chin Augmentation

A chin implant, if performed as a standalone surgery, is an outpatient procedure. Hence, you will not be required to stay the night at the clinic. After an hour or two in surgery, Dr. Agullo will keep you in a care unit to monitor your progress. Because you will be under anesthesia, either general or local, a few hours of strict care will be an added benefit to make sure you recover just fine.

Despite being only an hour long, a chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that requires ample preparation before the scheduled day. Some important points to keep in mind are:

  • Smoking is dangerous for health, especially when going through a cosmetic surgery is part of your plans. If you are a chain smoker, quit this habit at least two weeks prior to the surgery.
  • Have ice packs ready in your fridge. Post surgery, swelling and soreness of the neck and jaw is common. Cooling these areas with ice packs will help soothe the skin and stretched tissue.
  • Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you back and forth on the day of the surgery. Just out from under sedatives, it will be highly unadvisable for you to drive.
  • Do not eat or drink anything past midnight the previous day. Being on an empty stomach is necessary before a surgery.
  • We will put heavy bandages around your chin and lower jaw. Make sure these tapes remain dry and clean at all times.
  • Because you would have just gotten yourself a new chin, for the first few weeks chewing and swallowing may be a bit hard. Therefore, prepare semi-solid foods that can easily be gulped down.
  • During the initial days, your entire face may feel swollen and sensitive. Limiting social engagements at this time is a good idea so that you can get ample rest and the healing process is smooth.
  • The average time for a chin augmentation to show is at least 6 weeks. Hence, be patient and keep yourself calm throughout this duration.

Side Effects as a Result of Chin Augmentation

While a chin augmentation is a safe procedure as far as the longevity of the implants is considered, there are certain adverse effects associated with it. Because no surgical procedure is free of risk, Dr. Agullo makes sure he gives his patients all the information about a surgery beforehand so they can make an informed decision.

During consultation sessions with your surgeon, discuss any reservations you may have regarding the procedure or its side effects.

Chin augmentation may result in any of the following:

  • Nerve damage in the lower face/lip.
  • Infections that necessitate removal of the implant.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Shifting of the implant.
  • Resorption experienced, especially for people who have thin jaw lines.
  • Muscle damage.
  • Rejection of implant by the body’s immune system.

While there is always a probability that these risks may take shape, their occurrence is quite rare when the surgeon is board certified and operates in a facility that is equipped to deal with emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

What is the cost of Chin Augmentation?

The cost of Chin Augmentation largely depends on the kind of anesthesia you choose. General Anesthesia procedures are more costly compared to partial sedation; however, make sure this decision does not entirely depend on the cost. Moreover, the type of implants used and the procedure for inserting those implants will have an effect on the cost of chin augmentation surgery as well.

The average cost of a chin implant in the El Paso and Texas region is about $4,200 – $6,000. This cost includes the fee charged by a Board Certified Surgeon, the expenses for using a medical facility, the cost of anesthesia and most importantly, the expenses related to chin implants.