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Will the Supercharged BBL Replace the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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People choose to get the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) for many reasons. The procedure increases the fullness, roundness, and firmness of your butt. It can even enhance a balanced figure and improve self-confidence. 

Butt lifts aren’t a new procedure, but the supercharged butt lift technique was developed more recently as a way to improve upon the already successful BBL. A supercharged BBL takes the traditional Brazilian Butt Lift up a notch by combining it with butt implants.

Close-up of woman's butt as she gets out of a pool.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat grafting to enhance your derrière. Surgeons take fat from one part of the body (through liposuction) and transfer it to the butt. Common sites of fat removal include the waist, belly, thighs, and back. The fat tissue comes from your own body, so there is no risk of a reaction to foreign tissue. Fat is very pliable and easily shaped.

How Does Gluteal Augmentation (Butt Implants) Work?

Gluteal augmentation is done with silicone implants. This technique is common when the patient doesn’t have enough extra fat on the rest of the body to achieve the desired butt size and shape. 

The downside of gluteal implants is that they can’t augment areas outside of the muscle, such as the lower part of the buttocks or the hips. These features are very important to achieving optimal results. 

How Are Supercharged BBL Procedures Different?

A significant advantage of supercharged BBL (or supergrafting) procedures is their flexibility. This technique, sometimes called the Istanbul Butt Lift, combines fat grafting with butt implants. 

The combination of surgical methods creates a larger butt with a more distinctive shape than either method could accomplish alone.

During a supercharged BBL, implants are placed into the butt cheeks before excess fat is harvested and grafted into various areas of the buttocks. This allows for precise buttock sculpting and optimal results.

Why Is Fat Grafting Necessary With Implants?

Surgeons can inject fat over gluteal implants to add an extra supportive layer and expand muscle augmentation projection. Pliable fat tissue injections create a more natural appearance, especially in the hips. 

Since liposuction is necessary to harvest fat tissue, this procedure shapes the donor site. It offers an opportunity to create a slimmer waist and enhance the appearance of a butt lift.

Would You Like to Learn More?

Call Southwest Plastic Surgery today at 915-590-7900 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We are eager to hear from you and help you get started on your journey towards supercharged results.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation with VOTIVA by INMODE

Tummy Tuck Timing

Palladino Tummy Tuck patientA lot of planning goes into preparing for tummy tuck surgery. One of the most important points of preparation—if not THE most important—is timing your procedure. Getting a tummy tuck at the wrong time could be problematic, but getting the procedure at the ideal time for you can ensure that you have the best experience, the smoothest recovery, and the most desirable results.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery has struggled to maintain or achieve a slender, defined waistline through diet and exercise. Abdominal laxity can permanently affect the appearance of the abdomen, and many men and women are unable to tone their abdomens without surgical help. Candidates for this procedure desire a sleek, toned waist and a leaner physique. They should have realistic expectations and good general health. As such, candidates should also be non-smokers and should be close to their ideal body weight.

When Is the Best Time to Get a Tummy Tuck?

Based on the above characteristics of the ideal tummy tuck candidate, individuals should plan to get a tummy tuck at the following times:

When Is Laser Hair Removal Most Effective?

South West Plastic Surgery Clear Scan YAG Laser hair removal marketing photoDuring the colder seasons, people tend not to worry about things like shaving their legs every day. We dress in layers to guard against the cold, women wear pants most of the time, and some men grow out their beards to keep warm. However, if you want smooth, hairless skin during the spring and summer, the fall and winter seasons are the best time to begin laser hair removal treatments. Getting laser hair removal during this time of year will help you be prepared to more fully enjoy the summer without having to worry about shaving or waxing every day.

The Treatment Process

At your consultation for laser hair removal, you will learn that the treatment process takes time. Each hair on your body cycles through phases of growth, resting, and shedding, and even two adjacent hair follicles could be in completely different phases at the same time. A single treatment destroys hair follicles in the active growth phase, but even though many hairs in the treated area will be in this phase, others will be in the resting or shedding phases when you undergo the treatment. Because hair growth occurs in cycles, you will need to wait approximately six weeks between treatment sessions to let more of your hair follicles transition through the cycle to the growth phase. Depending on how much hair you wish to have removed, your overall treatment could require several sessions, each spaced six weeks apart.

Why Fall and Winter Are Best for Laser Hair Removal

Because laser hair removal requires a series of treatments, it can take several months to achieve your desired results. If you wait until spring to begin treatment, it could be well into summer before your treatments are complete, in which case you may have to continue shaving or waxing for a period of time before you can enjoy your smooth, bare skin. By starting treatments in the fall and winter, you will have plenty of time to treat and eliminate unwanted hair before it is time to start wearing shorts, skirts, summer dresses, and swimsuits again.

Laser hair removal is most effective in the fall or winter for other reasons as well. First, the treatment requires you to avoid waxing for a full six weeks beforehand, as longer hair makes it easier for the laser to target and destroy the hair follicles. The cold weather provides the perfect excuse to dress in layers to hide unwanted hair growth during this time. It is also a perfect excuse to temporarily grow a beard. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure while you are having laser treatments done, and the fall and winter seasons give you more opportunities to stay inside and out of the sun. Laser hair removal treatment also tends to be more effective on natural skin tones, not tanned, and especially on pale skin. While our plastic surgeons at Southwest Plastic Surgery can successfully perform laser hair removal on any skin color and hair type, those with fair skin and darker hair will especially benefit from getting treatment in the fall and winter.

Our Southwest Plastic Surgery specialists can use advanced laser technology to perform laser hair removal for patients with all skin tones and hair types. Now is the perfect time to consider laser hair removal to get ready for next year’s warmer seasons. To schedule your consultation, visit us online or call (915) 590-7900 today.

Fat Transfer Can Give You Permanently Luscious Lips

Deliciously full and sensual lips are relatively uncommon, which could be why they are so desirable. Over history, women have used a variety of resources to color and highlight their lips. Now, if you want a perfectly puckered pout, lip augmentation with fat transfer could be the answer. Research shows that by extracting excess fat from another area of the body and injecting it into the lips, patients can have permanent lip augmentation with more noticeably plump and shapely lips.

Frank Agullo Fat InjectionsMagic Surgeon FAT-INJECTION-PATIENT

Lip Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is one of the most commonly used techniques for lip augmentation. This refined technique can improve lip symmetry, fullness, size, smoothness, and shape to give you more attractive and luscious lips. For the procedure, fat cells are first extracted from a fat-rich part of your body, such as your buttocks, abdomen, or thighs. The fat is processed and then injected into the lips. Over the next few weeks, the injected fat triggers growth in the lips to enhance their appearance. The fat then settles into place giving the lips a more desirable shape and fullness.

Fat Transfer Compared to Lip Augmentation Methods

Fat transfer differs from other lip augmentation techniques in several ways. Compared to the technique of using dermal fillers for lip augmentation, fat transfer tends to have more natural-looking results. Additionally, fat transfer results are permanent. Up to three initial treatments may be needed to achieve the desired results, but after that point, no further treatment is necessary. In contrast, dermal fillers provide only temporary enhancement and must be touched up as often as every six months. While the fat transfer procedure may have increased bruising and swelling and may take longer to reveal the results, its permanent and natural-looking results make it a sensible and preferable choice for many lip augmentation candidates.

Lip augmentation with fat transfer may be the ideal solution for you to achieve the beautiful and luscious lips you seek. To request more information, schedule your consultation with one of our plastic surgeons at Southwest Plastic Surgery. Call (915) 590-7900 or contact us online at your earliest convenience.

The Benefits of Combining Chin Augmentation With Rhinoplasty

Chin Implant patient by Dr. AgulloFacial beauty has to do with much more than merely the color of your eyes and the fullness of your lips. The structure of your face—its basic framework—also affects your perceived attractiveness in your own eyes and in the eyes of others. Sometimes, when a person is bothered by the appearance of one facial feature, they do not realize that other features are also affecting their appearance. A perfect example is the nose and chin. Combining rhinoplasty with chin augmentation to enhance the profile of the face can greatly improve your overall aesthetic results and facial beauty.

Getting Two Procedures at Once

A major benefit of undergoing two procedures at once is that it can save you time and money. If you have met with your plastic surgeon and have already determined that you may need both rhinoplasty and a chin implant, it is smart to consider getting both procedures done at the same time. Doing so will save on anesthesia fees and other costs, and it will also save you from having to go through recovery for each procedure individually.

Having Long-Lasting Results

study in Italy revealed that combining chin augmentation with rhinoplasty leads to long-lasting results. Patients in this study who opted to have both chin augmentation and rhinoplasty maintained a stable facial profile when analyzed three years later, with no more than a millimeter change in the length of the chin. This is far longer than the results of fillers, which are temporary. While some experts may suggest using fillers to augment the chin or jaw, fillers are not a good solution for someone seeking long-lasting results. Chin augmentation inserts an implant that is permanently fixed to the chin, and the results can be as long lasting as the results of rhinoplasty.

Strengthening Your Profile

The facial profile is a significant factor in facial beauty. The angle and shape of the nose and chin as they relate to each other determine how aesthetically pleasing your profile is. In some people, the nose sticks out significantly farther than it should in relation to the chin. Individuals may look at this and think that rhinoplasty is the solution, but the chin may be just as much to blame. A patient who undergoes rhinoplasty to alter the nose but does not get a chin augmentation may later look in the mirror and feel that the face is still disproportionate. Combining these procedures improves both facial features and can lead to the best overall results. As rhinoplasty can refine the nose, chin augmentation can enhance the chin. The result is a balanced appearance with an aesthetically appealing profile.

Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can be combined to improve your face shape and enhance your appearance. To learn more about these procedures, schedule your consultation with one of our expert plastic surgeons at Southwest Plastic Surgery. Call (915) 590-7900 or complete our online contact form to reach us today. You can also visit our appointment form to book your appointment directly.

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

Palladino Surgery Bleph patient Bags under your eyes are a telltale sign that you’re getting older. Unfortunately, even young adults can develop under-eye bags for various reasons. While not a health concern, many people consider puffiness around the eyes to be an aesthetic issue. The following tips can help you get rid of bags under your eyes so that you can preserve a youthful appearance.

Get Better Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep or are sleeping poorly, dark circles can form around your eyes. Invest in a good pillow or two and establish an effective sleep routine. Additionally, if you sleep on your stomach or side, you may be causing your own under-eye bags as well as sleep wrinkles. Consider adjusting your sleep position and learning to sleep on your back.

Wear Sun Protection

The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, and it can become saggy, wrinkled, and dehydrated with excess sun exposure. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses with UV protection, and a hat when out in the sun. Stick to the shade during peak sunlight hours.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is bad for more than the lungs. It also weakens and dries out the skin. Since skin quality is perhaps the first aesthetic indicator of age, weakened and sagging skin can prematurely age your appearance. Additionally, the chemicals in cigarettes can irritate the eyes, which further contributes to dark circles and bags. To prevent under-eye bags, avoid or quit smoking.

Use Eye Cream

Eye creams are specially formulated to moisturize the sensitive, thin skin around the eyes. Applying a light cream in the morning and/or at night can improve skin health and minimize bags and puffiness.

Take Care of Your Allergies

Allergy season frequently causes puffy, watery eyes. Everything from allergy shots and antihistamine medicines to essential oils and nasal irrigation can be used to control your allergies. Take extra measures to prevent allergy flare-ups, and you will help prevent puffiness around your eyes and save yourself from the unpleasantness associated with constant sneezing, itchy eyes, runny noses, and other allergy symptoms.

Watch Your Diet and Drinking Habits

Your diet and drinking habits affect many things. Excess salt in your diet can cause fluid retention, which may result in puffy under-eye bags. Avoid foods that are high in salt, and choose fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Alcohol also dehydrates the skin and causes bloodshot, tired eyes, so it should only be consumed in moderation.

Use Makeup Properly

Makeup can help minimize bags under the eyes, but the processes of applying and removing makeup can also cause bags. Gently remove your eye makeup every night before bed to avoid causing eye irritation that leads to puffiness. Take care not to use too much makeup and abuse the skin by working the foundation into it, as this can irritate the tissues. Too much foundation can also have the opposite effect and make wrinkles and dark circles even more noticeable.

Dr. Agullo Blepharoplasty patient Get Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

These lifestyle steps can definitely help minimize bags under the eyes, but they are not a permanent solution. If you have perpetual under-eye bags, lower blepharoplasty can eliminate them. Eyelid surgery restores a youthful, natural appearance by improving tissue elasticity, removing excess fat, tightening sagging skin, and easing away bulges around the eyes. The results of eyelid surgery are permanent and restore a more youthful appearance that can last for many years. Eyelid surgery patients can maintain the best quality results by continuing to adopt the above lifestyle practices.

For more information on anti-aging treatments and how to get rid of bags under your eyes, contact Southwest Plastic Surgery to schedule your personal appointment. One of our board-certified plastic surgeons would be pleased to answer your questions and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Call (915) 590-7900 or contact us online today.

The Best Way to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Fat is an essential part of a healthy body, but generally speaking, we’re only okay with it when we only have a small amount and it is in certain places. When excess fat accumulates in “unacceptable” areas such as the abdomen, thighs, or under the chin, we feel self-conscious and unhappy with our appearances. One of the most distressing examples of this is a double chin, which can affect you even if the rest of your body is fit. Fortunately, a new treatment known as KYBELLA® is now being offered at Southwest Plastic Surgery. KYBELLA® can permanently eliminate a double chin and improve your neck contour.

Kybella Patient before and after

Image courtesy of www.mykybella.com


KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved injectable that dissolves fat cells. It is a concentrated synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced in the human body. Deoxycholic acid molecules fight fat cells, but this process slows down as we age, which means it is more difficult to eliminate fat from certain areas. This is why fat accumulates in regions such as the submental region below the chin. Specially formulated to target submental fat, KYBELLA® can be injected in a simple procedure to eliminate your double chin.

How Does KYBELLA® Work?

KYBELLA® is injected into the submental region during a quick, non-surgical procedure. The deoxycholic acid immediately begins to break down the fat cells, and over the following weeks, the fat cells are flushed away by the body’s lymphatic system. Results will appear gradually over this time, and your chin, neck, and jawline will appear increasingly slimmer and more defined. Some patients will achieve their desired results with just one treatment, while others may need a few treatments. Once you have achieved your goals, the results are expected to be long lasting to permanent.

How Does KYBELLA® Differ From Other Treatments?

Until KYBELLA® was developed, the only solution for eliminating fat from the chin and neck area was liposuction. Even though liposuction is an effective treatment for submental fullness, it is an invasive surgery and has accompanying risks and downsides. KYBELLA® is the first and only non-surgical treatment to be approved by the FDA for double chin removal. This non-invasive treatment can accomplish what others cannot: the permanent banishment of a double chin without any surgery.

If you would like to get rid of your double chin, the best way could be through KYBELLA®. The only approved treatment of its kind, KYBELLA® has been proven to permanently eliminate a double chin within six treatments or less. Call (915) 590-7900 or complete our online contact form to request your consultation today.

How to Minimize Enlarged Pores

Facial Pores by NosePhotos of models and celebrities always show completely flawless skin with no blemishes, marks, or sign of large pores. While these photos are certainly treated with photo editing software, the stars themselves tend to have healthier skin because they are the beneficiaries of treatments and products that maintain optimum skin health. If you have large pores on your skin, our HydraFacial MD® can minimize their appearance and restore smooth, youthful skin.

Common Causes of Large Pores

Skin pores, which look like little holes in the skin, are simply hair follicles that contain oil-producing sebaceous glands. Everyone has pores on their skin, but some people’s pores are larger than others. Large pores have four main causes: genetics, age, gender, and oily skin.

Large pores caused by genetics cannot be changed. If either or both of your parents have large pores, you may have them also. A genetic predisposition for large pores can also show itself later in life and may be exacerbated by aging.

Aging can lead to enlarged pores because aging skin loses elasticity. Accumulated sun damage over time can change the way your skin cells group around the edges of your pores. Eventually, your skin will stretch out, which can cause your pores to appear bigger.

In terms of gender, men tend to have larger pores than women. The properties of the skin vary significantly from males to females, and this is an example of one of the gender differences. Male skin also tends to be thicker and rougher.

Oily skin tends to create larger pores. As oil, dirt, and debris collect on the skin, the skin swells, causing the pores to enlarge. Makeup can contribute to the appearance of enlarged pores because it can act as a magnet for debris or excess oil.

Treatment for Enlarged Pores

There are several ways to treat enlarged pores. First, you should cleanse your skin thoroughly each night with a gentle cleanser. Toners, exfoliators, and masks can also help keep the skin tight. Moisturizers are essential for protecting the skin from outside debris and oil. Finally, there is the HydraFacial MD®: a 30-minute in-office treatment that produces immediately visible results.

The HydraFacial MD® is safe for every skin type and gently improves overall skin tone. Your skin will be deep cleaned, evenly exfoliated, removed of all impurities, and infused with important skin nutrients to boost skin health. The treatment has no discomfort or downtime, and it is one of the most effective non-invasive skin rejuvenation services we offer here at Southwest Plastic Surgery. You can minimize your enlarged pores and achieve more youthful skin with a relaxing and thorough HydraFacial MD® treatment.

At Southwest Plastic Surgery, we offer the HydraFacial MD® and other skin treatments to rejuvenate your appearance and infuse your skin with essential and healthy nutrients. To request your appointment, call (915) 590-7900 or complete our online contact form today.

11 Things That Can Be Fixed With Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Before and After PhotosNearly 150,000 nose surgeries were performed in the United States in 2016, according to statistics provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. As one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, nose surgery has incredible versatility. Every one of the following issues that people may have with their noses can be fixed by one of our expert plastic surgeons with a one-time surgical procedure here at Southwest Plastic Surgery.

1. Size

A common complaint is that the nose is disproportionate to the facial structure. The nose may be too small or too big, and its awkward size can cause it to stand out. Rhinoplasty can adjust the size of the nose so that it is balanced and blends seamlessly with the surrounding facial features.

2. Angle

The angle of the nose can also be displeasing. If the angle between the nose and forehead is too sharp, the nose may appear short. If this angle is too shallow, the nose may appear long. The angle of the nose in relation to the upper lip also affects the overall appearance of the nose. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will examine your nose from all angles and create a personalized plan to restore natural-looking angles for a more attractive nose.

3. Shape

Some people are dissatisfied with the shape of their nose. For example, your nose may be unusually flat, prominent, or hooked. Nose surgery can refine the shape of your nose so that it has attractive, natural definition.

4. Width

If the nose is too wide, it may need to be built up. Through nose surgery, the bridge can be reinforced so that the nose is narrower in the front and has greater projection from the profile.

5. Nostril Width and Size

Nostrils that are too wide, large, small, or narrow can draw unwanted attention. With nose surgery, the width and size of the nostrils can be adjusted by removing tissue to reduce flaring or adjusting the angle and/or nasal tip.

6. Tip

The tip of the nose is a concern for many rhinoplasty patients. Whether your nasal tip is ill-defined, hooked, bulbous, droopy, or upturned, rhinoplasty can normalize its appearance so that your nose looks more natural, well-defined, and balanced.

7. Indentations or Depressions

Indentations or depressions, especially along the nasal bridge, can be the result of genetic abnormalities or injuries. Rhinoplasty can fill out these indentations to create a smoother and more defined bridge.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos8. Bumps or Humps

Bumps on the nasal bridge are often the result of injuries or genetics. Nose surgery can flatten out bumps and humps to produce a smooth, straight, and defined nasal bridge.

9. Profile and Projection

A nose that projects excessively or insufficiently can dramatically affect your profile. With rhinoplasty, the nose can be redefined and either reinforced or minimized so that the nose, forehead, mouth, and chin all appear balanced from the profile view.

10. Injuries

Nasal injuries can be responsible for indentations, bumps, crookedness, and a number of other aesthetic issues. Rhinoplasty can resolve the effects of the injury and straighten the nose so that there is no longer any sign of having endured a traumatic event.

11. Breathing

Some people suffer from a deviated septum and struggle to breathe through the nose. Rhinoplasty can adjust the internal structures of the nose and even straighten the septum so that nasal breathing is easier.
Rhinoplasty can resolve each of these concerns and improve the appearance and function of your nose. To request your personal consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, please call (915) 590-7900 or contact us online today.

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