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50 is the New 30 When You Apply These Beauty Secrets

Posted on: August 13, 2015  |   Category: ,

Look 30 When You're 50If you are creeping closer towards that dreaded mid-century birthday, fear not. There are more ways than ever to age gracefully and preserve your youthful appearance, but it requires due diligence and skin care. It is important to maintain a healthy mindset and of course, eating a healthy diet and exercising goes a long way to remain young, both in mind and body. However, the face has a way of revealing one’s age, since it is the most vulnerable to damage from the sun and other toxins that we have consumed over the course of a lifetime.

At The Med Spa at Southwest Plastic Surgery of El Paso, TX, we offer more ways than ever for women and men to continue looking younger than their true age. Many of our methods are simple, outpatient visits that can be done within our board-certified facility. Modern technology has offered more convenient, non-invasive measures of preserving youth, so now it truly is possible to look ten to twenty years younger than your actual age.

Here are 5 Secrets to Look 10 Years Younger:

  1. Protect Your Skin: How often do we walk out of the door every day, forgetting to apply sunscreen? Even in the winter or on cloudy days, people forget that the UV rays are constantly “out there” and it is important to use a minimum of SPF 30 for protection. Our Med Spa Colorescience “Sunforgettable” series is a perfect solution and easy to remember to apply, since it can be used just like makeup.
  2. Hydration: As mentioned earlier, a healthy lifestyle goes a long way to preserve your face and skin. Drink enough water – and not the flavored kind – and you will help to maintain your skin’s elasticity.
  3. Rejuvenation: Try getting a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, which removes the dead skin cells from your face and helps it to appear radiant, smoother, softer and younger.
  4. Keep up With Dental Care: Just as important as it is for your face to look good, having regular dental care can help you stay younger. There is a direct link between periodontal disease and the toxins it can emit throughout your body, so keep up with those teeth cleanings and make sure to get professional whitening at least once every decade.
  5. Ongoing Maintenance: Southwest Plastic Surgery offers a number of fillers that can add volume to your skin, which also makes you look younger by filling in those unsightly fine lines and wrinkles that; may creep up on your face.


It may sound like common sense, but don’t wait until you turn 50 before applying proper strategies to preserve your age. The younger you are, the better your chances of starting a great routine early and living a longer life at the same time.