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Should I Consider a Breast Reduction?

Posted on: October 21, 2015  |   Category:

A woman’s breasts are a fundamental sign of her femininity, which is one reason so many women desire breast surgery. But while many want breast augmentation to enhance their curves, a surprisingly large number of women consider breast reduction surgery. Here are some of the reasons why a woman might want to have surgery to reduce the size of her breasts.

Breast Reduction Before & After Photo

Physical Pain and Problems

A major reason women undergo breast reduction surgery is to relieve physical pain or physical problems. The massive weight of overly large breasts can weigh you down, causing back pain, spinal problems, neck problems, shoulder pain, and more. Celebrity Ariel Winter, who recently underwent breast reduction surgery for her excessively large breasts, stated how she was forced to hunch over all the time because standing for hours caused her intense pain. Large breasts can cause skin conditions near the breast crease or on the shoulders where the bra strap lies. Heavy breasts can cause the underwire from bras to break and stab you. They can also cause premature breast sagging at a very young age.

Emotional Pain and Self-Image Issues

Women with excessively large breasts are also likely to experience great emotional stress or self-image issues. Ariel Winter reported that, at the young and vulnerable age of 14, she received comments, unwanted attention, and ridicule about her naturally large breasts. Her bust size even impeded her acting opportunities because she looked older than she was, and this caused her further emotional distress. Sometimes, self-image issues arise when one breast grows to be significantly larger than the other. Even when the breasts are symmetrical, excessive breast size can make your body look disproportionate.

Clothing Difficulties

Finding clothing as a large-busted woman can be quite a feat. Young women with large breasts may have difficulty finding age-appropriate clothing that will fit without looking excessively revealing. Some women need to have every dress or shirt tailored or custom made because while the clothing fits at the bust, it is too big everywhere else. Swimsuits and bras are a particular nightmare for these women, who are often forced to forget about looking cute, beautiful, or sexy and are just lucky enough to find something that fits and provides the needed support.

Inability to Participate in Physical Activities

Having large breasts can be cumbersome on a daily basis. Even routine tasks can be hindered by limited mobility, pain, or the weight of large breasts. Many women with large breasts are prevented from engaging in physical activities because of the extreme pain and difficulty caused by their breasts.

If any of these experiences seem familiar to you, your large breasts could be significantly lowering your quality of life. To make a positive change today, contact Southwest Plastic Surgery about breast reduction surgery. Schedule your personal consultation by calling our El Paso, TX office at (915) 590-7900. You may also fill out our online contact form for more information. We look forward to helping you live a healthier and happier life.