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Are People Getting Nip-Tuck Procedures Because of Selfies?

Posted on: January 7, 2016  |   Category: ,

shutterstock_200139188It’s no secret that the selfie trend has made up-close head shots one of the most common images that we see day-in and day-out on social media. Unfortunately these images aren’t always that flattering, and may even amplify some of our less-than-favorite physical characteristics.

Who Does it Impact?

So what does that mean? Believe it or not – more adults than ever are considering having a cosmetic procedure performed somewhere on their face or neck – and it’s not just women! The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that 31% of men (as opposed to just 19% of women,) were concerned about how they looked in these types of photos.

The poll surveyed over 100 Dallas adults and approximately 3 out of 4 said they were considering having something done to improve their appearance. Of the people left, cosmetic surgery wasn’t ruled out, but more of something they still felt uncertain about.

Not surprisingly, teens are also impacted by their self-image as it is portrayed on social media. When they see photographs of themselves on their own page or tagged in one from their friend, it may trigger negative reactions either personally or from their peers.

What Triggers Someone to Take Action?

The selfie craze doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon – which is motivating adults of all ages to do something to improve their appearance and boost their self-esteem.

And it isn’t just the selfies we’re talking about – both men and women surveyed felt that by improving the physical characteristics of their head and neck, it could improve their careers. Although you think women may be more motivated to improve their appearance in the workforce, men were more than twice as likely to consider some form of facial aesthetic procedure to make them more competitive in their careers.

Major life events such as weddings or motherhood can also place an emphasis on what we look like. As many as 13% of women consider having some type of procedure done before their wedding. But if you’re wedding is over – it still isn’t too late!

Feeling confident about the way you look around other people (or in photos) can help you to be more relaxed, outgoing, and take on new challenges. It’s no wonder why the Texans in the survey all felt so drawn to facial aesthetic treatments.

What Types of Procedures Are People Looking For?

Of theKYBELLA® Before and Afterse procedures, we’ve seen a tremendous incline in the use of KYBELLA® use to improve the contour of our patients’ necks. The prescription medication is FDA approved for dissolving fatty tissues. Laser rejuvenation and radio frequency are also popular.

In most cases, the treatment under consideration involved having something done to improve the tissues and contours of the neck. The eyes and lips came in at a close 2nd and 3rd, but the forehead and nose were common areas of concern as well.

Most people are surprised to learn that having a cosmetic procedure done doesn’t have to involve surgery. The Med Spa at Southwest Plastic Surgery in El Paso provides multiple non-invasive aesthetic solutions for our patients to choose from. Our team of cosmetic specialists can help you choose the one that’s best for restoring a youthful glow to your appearance. Call us today to get started!

If you are interested in learning about your cosmetic options, contact one of our specialists at Southwest Plastic Surgery. You can make an appointment by calling (915) 590-7900 or filling out our online contact form.