Breast Lift SurgeryBreast Lift Surgery

The popularity of Cosmetic Procedures that enhance appearance has gone up considerably in the recent past. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more than 10 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2012 alone. With such a high number, the field of cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever before.

Breast lift surgeries are a popular type of breast enhancement that improve the overall look and feel of a woman’s chest. Also known as Mastopexy, a breast lift is the best way to pump volume into sagging breasts that have drooped because of age, pregnancy or some accident. At Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice, Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo use cutting edge technology and equipment to make sure the procedure is as smooth and painless as possible.

If you want to opt for a breast lift surgery together with a tummy tuck or a breast augmentation, consult the surgeons at the Southwest Practice for the best advice on Mommy Makeovers.

Do You Need A Breast Lift?

Unlike a Breast Reconstruction, a Breast Lift Surgery is entirely a personal preference. Not everyone believes in getting a breast lift even when their breasts sag with age because they view it as a natural process. However, if you are conscious of how you look, a breast Mastopexy is the best remedy to restore perkiness and volume to breasts that:

  • Sag or droop
  • Have reduced elasticity
  • Lack firmness
  • Are pendulous or swaying
  • Have downwards facing nipples

Are you the perfect candidate for such a surgery? Before you decide to go through with a breast lift procedure, analyze and think through a couple of things. Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo strongly suggest all patients coming in for a breast lift to be ready to accept change and have a long-term horizon in mind.

This means that, for instance, if you are planning to become pregnant in the near future, it is best to put off a breast lift until after you have delivered. Because pregnancy stretches a woman’s skin, a breast lift may not be as obvious in the long run. Moreover, a Mastopexy requires a certain healing and recovery time, during which a mother cannot nurse a baby (once healed, breastfeeding is done normally).

Apart from this, the risks of the surgery also need to be kept in mind. Hence, an ideal candidate for a Mastopexy is a woman who has fully developed breasts, is ready to take the risks and give the breasts ample healing time.

To make sure, a patient meets this criteria, your surgeon at the Practice will thoroughly examine your breasts; their shape, size and the extent of sagging. All these variables will then determine the level of lift needed and the shape and position of the breasts post-surgery.

Understanding A Breast Lift Surgery

The Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice is one of the most specialized centers for breast lift surgeries in all of West Texas, New Mexico and Northern Mexico. The surgeons, Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo are board certified and hold membership of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With years of experience in plastic surgery, and breast lift surgeries in particular, the two surgeons will guide you at every step of the process.

To make patients comfortable and relaxed, Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo hold several consultation sessions to get to know the patients and help them understand what to expect in a breast Mastopexy.

Breast Lift is a vast field of cosmetic surgery. There are various kinds of lifting procedures used, depending on the shape and size of the bust. In general, all these techniques have a few aspects in common. For instance, all breast mastopexies involve incisions.

There are three types of lift:

  • Periareolar or Donut Lift:

A donut lift is ideal for women who suffer from mild sagging. Such patients do not need more than 2 cm of areola elevation. In this type of lift a breast augmentation is also performed. A donut lift gives a fuller and perkier look to the breasts, reduces the size of the areolas, and improves symmetry.

  • Vertical Breast or Lollipop Lift:

A lollipop lift is a remedy for sagging breasts. It involves two incisions, the one around the areola and the one running vertically from it. Before a lollipop lift is done, a patient’s medical history and breast conditions are thoroughly analyzed.

  • Full Mastopexy or Breast Lift (anchor lift):

This is the most common type of breast lift. It is usually done when a considerable rise in the breast is indicated. The procedure involves three incisions: one running vertically from the areola to the crease beneath the breast, the second around the areola and the third running horizontally on the natural curve of the breast line.

After the incisions are made and the type of lift decided upon, excess breast skin is removed. The surgeon then places the areola and the nipple in a higher position on the breast so that it appears lifted and has higher staying power. Many patients opt to increase the breast size with implants at the same time as the lift in order to obtain more upper pole fullness.

One of the biggest concerns among women opting for a breast lift is whether they will have a sensation in their breasts after the surgery. While there is a risk involved here, Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo are able to keep the areola and nipple attached to the tissue beneath the skin. This way most women are able to nurse children and also feel a sensation, just as they would before the surgery.

Being fully trained and experienced in the procedure, Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo try their best to minimize the scarring as much as possible. With proper healing and care, these incision scars fade away with time.

Preparing For a Breast Lift Surgery

The biggest motivation for preparing for a breast lift is the new figure you will have. A breast lift is an instant confidence boost because with a better figure, you can now wear figure hugging clothes and even opt for swimming and bathing suits that you have always shied away from!

While, this surgery is an out-patient procedure completed by Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo within a few hours, we suggest you come prepared in case there are delays or just so you have some peace of mind as you recover after it.

How should you prepare for a breast Mastopexy and what can you expect? Here are some essential details.

Before The Surgery

  • Quit smoking at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery. There is a high chance of blood clotting if a patient is a chain smoker.
  • Get a baseline mammogram if your surgeon prescribed it. With a history of cancer in a patient’s family, the requirements of a breast lift change considerably.
  • Make sure you pack a small bag with your essentials and don’t forget to bring it with you on the day of the surgery.
  • Make sure you are on an empty stomach since 12 am the previous night when you arrive at the Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice.
  • Make arrangements for a friend or family member to take care of your kids or errands that you may want done because you will need plenty of rest after the Mastopexy.
  • Refrain from applying lotions or makeup on the chest area.

On The Surgery Day

  • The surgery period can last somewhere between 1 to 3 hours. You will be under medication all through this period. For the actual operation, patients can choose either General Anesthesia or Conscious Sedation.
  • After the surgery you will be moved to a recovery room where Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo will monitor the progress for a few hours. This time is crucial to judge the success and progress of the surgery. Therefore, the surgeons will take measures like inserting small tubes to ensure the fluid is not built up within the breast pockets.
  • You will be made to wear a special bra that will support and protect the new position of the breasts, giving you a firm and distinguished bust line.

After The Surgery

  • Soon you will be allowed to go home. However, make arrangements for someone to drive you back and remember to minimize bending and straining the body. Nonetheless, to stimulate blood flow, walk around the house from time to time.
  • The next few days and weeks, your breasts will be tender and sensitive; therefore, make sure you care for them and follow the instructions given by the doctors.
  • Dr. Palladino, Dr. Agullo and their teams will set up follow up appointments with you. Make sure you come in for a checkup during which the dressings will be changed, drainage tubes will be taken out and the sutures around the areola will be examined.
  • Because the next few months are part of the recovery period after a breast lift Mastopexy, do not be hasty and conclude the surgery didn’t give you the results you want. It will take some time before your bust line adjusts at a level that you have always wanted.
  • Feeling sensations may be hard for the next few weeks. While this is temporary, most women get worried when they don’t feel any sensation in the nipple area. Be patient and ‘listen’ to your body for any signs and symptoms of extreme pain.

Risks Associated With Breast Lift Mastopexy

While breast lifts are usually met with a lot of enthusiasm, keep in mind a few risks associated with the surgery. Most of these risks and side effects can be minimized with proper care post-surgery till the wounds are healed and Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo direct you to discontinue the use of the special bra.

These risks include:

  • Varying nipple height on both breasts for a short time.
  • Asymmetric bust line during the healing period.
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Revision surgeries to fix minor problems.
  • Loss of sensations if complications arise.

Cost of Breast Lift Mastopexy

In the El Paso region, a regular breast lift surgery costs close to $5,600 – $8,000. The exact cost depends on the level of lift needed and the size of incisions being made. To get the exact quote, you can discuss this with Dr. Palladino and Dr. Agullo freely during one of the consulting sessions.