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Brow Lift

Brow LiftThinking About A Brow Lift? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Cosmetic Treatments have fast gained popularity among people who want to keep the effects of gravity and subsequent aging off their faces. While these are natural processes that everyone has to go through, the prospect of minimizing adverse effects that make your face lose its youthful appearance is quite appealing.

Hence, together with cosmetic procedures like facelift and chin augmentation, brow lifts have steadily increased in demand. Most famous among females, brow lifts are known to smoothen wrinkles on the forehead, creases that appear on the eyelid and drooping eyebrows that can easily add an extra ten years to an individual’s age.

Even though brow lifts are relatively simple procedures that take a mere hour or two to be completed, it is always advisable to contact a specialist plastic surgery facility whenever you want to go ahead with this treatment. Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice is one such clinic that caters to patients from all across New Mexico, Southwestern Texas and Northern Mexico. Being a state of the art center, Southwest has a large client base that boasts skillfully executed brow lifts, together with other facial cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Agullo at the Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice has been trained at the world famous Mayo Clinic and hold double degrees in General and Cosmetic Surgery. With years of experience in this field, Dr. Agullo is highly professional yet offers completely individualized services and advice to every patient.

Do You Qualify For a Brow Lift?

A brow lift can significantly improve your morale and self esteem. With a wrinkle free forehead and lifted eyebrows, you can feel young and rejuvenated every time you step out in public. However, before Dr. Agullo suggests this surgery for you, a number of preliminary considerations must be accounted for.

An ideal candidate for a brow lift surgery is a middle aged individual between the age of 40 and 60. This person should have a sound medical history with no complications or severe health conditions. Moreover, a brow lift shows maximum results when the original brow line is severely drooping, bulging or is surrounded by wrinkles.

Therefore, before you opt for a brow lift, make sure you consult Dr. Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery to get the best opinion regarding the feasibility of the treatment.

Brow Lift Combination Surgeries

Thinking of a brow lift as the tip of the iceberg wouldn’t be wrong. Because there are so many cosmetic procedures that enhance the face and its features, a brow lift is often combined with these treatments to give the face a youthful and lively look.

A one-on-one consultation with Dr. Agullo will be the best way to decide which combination procedures to opt for. The surgeon will do thorough examination of your facial features and medical history. As a result of these considerations, you may qualify for any one (or all) of the following combination procedures:

Brow Lift Techniques Used At Southwest

Because a brow lift has now become a common treatment, rapid technological advancement has been experienced for this procedure. At Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Agullo uses cutting edge technology and equipment to make sure a brow lift is done with great precision and skill.

Scheduling a consultation session is a general practice with Dr. Agullo. During this session, the doctor will educate you regarding the techniques that are used for a brow lift so that you know what to expect from the surgery. While all techniques used for the procedure are board certified, using one over the other depends on your preference, your medical history and the surgeon’s assessment of how well you can cope post surgery.

The most commonly used techniques include the following:

A temporal brow lift is also called browplasty or brow shaping. This technique is often used in a complete facelift to shape the eyebrows and give a vibrant and lively look to a patient’s face. A temporal brow lift focuses on the contour of the brows instead of their height.

An Endoscopic Brow Lift is one of the most technologically advanced cosmetic procedures. During this technique, the surgeon uses a small camera to see the structure, muscles and tissue of the forehead. He then tweaks them through small incisions. Hence, Endoscopic Brow Lifts are minimally invasive, leading to very short recovery periods.

A very common cause of an eyebrow lift is lateral drooping. A Periorbital Rejuvenation shifts the eyebrows laterally instead of centrally; giving the patient’s facial expressions a very relaxed appearance instead of an angry and aggressive one. Such a technique also restores shape to the upper eyelid.

A Coronal Brow Lift is done by making an incision on the crown of the head extending behind each ear. These incisions are usually hidden behind the hairline to minimize scarring after recovery. A Coronal Brow Lift elevates drooping eyebrows.

A Direct Brow Lift shifts the position of the eyebrows on the face to give it a more relaxed and youthful appearance. This technique is usually used when eyebrows sag from their original place due to severe wrinkling and aging.

Preparing For A Brow Lift Surgery

A typical brow lift is an out-patient procedure. Therefore, while you do not need to worry about staying at the clinic for more than a few hours, some level of preparation is a must to ensure the prerequisites for a brow lift are met.
Guidelines and preparation tips will be explained to you by Dr. Agullo in detail during the consultation sessions. Listen to these instructions carefully and do just as advised to avoid any complications during the treatment. Some of the most important surgery preparation guidelines are:

Stop eating and drinking at 12 am the night before the procedure is scheduled.

Recovery Post-Surgery

In itself, a brow lift is a simple procedure. Depending on the technique used for the lift, recovery time may vary from a few days to a couple of weeks. For instance, the Endoscopic lift technique has a very quick recovery because it is the least invasive. On the other hand, if the Coronal Lift is used, recovery may take a while.

In either case, swelling of the brow line and the forehead is a common sight. Many patients report numbness and loss of hair around the incisions and on the forehead, while others complain of headaches and bleeding from the wounds. Don’t worry, all these signs are temporary and will only last for the duration of the recovery period.

Once a few weeks go by and the soreness and sensitivity subside, you will see the actual results of the brow lift. With a distinguished brow line, one that is not surrounded by wrinkles and sagging skin, you will feel a boost of self confidence and morale.

The Cost Of A Brow Lift Surgery

It is highly imperative that you contact a Board Certified Surgeon for a Brow Lift Cosmetic Treatment. Despite being a simple procedure, there are a number of things that can go wrong if a proper medical exam and analysis is not conducted- something only a professional and experienced surgeon can do.

For this reason, a brow lift surgery comes with a price tag. Depending on the combination procedures you want, together with uplifting your brow line, the cost of this treatment can be anywhere between $3000 to $8000. This cost is also dependant on whether this surgery is performed endoscopically or traditionally. Moreover, the kind of anesthesia used is also a major determinant of the final expense. A brow lift surgery completed with general anesthesia is more costly compared to one that is done via conscious sedation.

The cost of a brow lift typically covers:

Hence, one cannot attach a standard cost to a brow lift because there are many variables that govern this aspect. Dr. Agullo will give you a final estimate once all the above factors have been taken into account.

Lip Augmentation

lip-ugmentationLip Augmentation

How often have you found yourself staring into the mirror and examining your face and your features? We all desire big and deep eyes, a small pointy nose and pink pouting lips. Thin lips are unappealing and dull. Because lips are the center of attention and the most prominent feature of your face after your eyes, you would want them to look attractive.

Whether you possess a silent, quiet personality or you are talkative and lively, your lips can in no way go unnoticed and neglected. If you have thin, shriveled or dried up lips, it can emit a feeling of dullness. They will automatically make you appear a lot older than you actually are and people will not look at you with the admiration you have always desired.

If you have crooked, disfigured lips which are completely unsymmetrical, this may be devastating to your self-esteem, confidence and personality as a whole. Lips with an abnormal or queer appearance may attract unwanted attention and may cause people to look at you with scorn, ridicule or pity. What happens as a result is that people shy away from social gatherings and avoid going out in public, as they feel inferior and ugly. This is a very extreme case but in general, people with thin and unattractive lips do feel self-conscious and you might catch them not smiling at the camera, as they are ashamed of how their lips appear to be.

Lip augmentation is the answer to your prayers. As the name suggests, lip augmentation is used to increase the volume of the lips, making them appear fuller and therefore giving you that magazine cover pout you secretly desired.

Lip augmentation takes away the creases your lips have and make them smooth and flawless. It can also transform your lip shape and structure from being deformed and crooked, to being perfectly in proportion and place.

Lip augmentation is a part of the various facial cosmetic procedures used to enhance your beauty and change your appearance completely. It is widely popular and is practiced by all well-known cosmetic surgeons.

Techniques of Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is fortunately not a very complicated and risky procedure when you compare it to other face enhancement processes. The process of lip augmentation requires no cutting or incision making. Surgery is not needed. The process is simple and quick.

The most popular and widely used method of lip augmentation consists of injecting Juvederm or Restylane into your lips. These are consistent gel-like substances that settles into your lips, giving shape and adding a certain fullness to the contour. The compounds that form these gels are similar in structure and properties to the hyaluronic acid present in your body. This gives your lips a natural look and makes them appear smooth, creaseless and plump.

Another alternative to the dermal fillers is the use of your own fat to trigger growth in your lips. This fat can be extracted from any fat-rich part of your body like the thighs or buttocks and then injected into the lips where these fat cells grow and produce fat naturally. This process is a bit more complicated compared to the use of artificial fattening in the form of gels but appears more natural and is longer lasting. It takes a few weeks for the fat to really settle into place and form the shape you desire.

The process of enhancing lips using dermal fillers such as the Juvederm and Restylane is preferred over the fat implant option, as it has numerous benefits. Firstly, the doctor has more control as he can make the gel settle in exactly according to the shape and volume you want your lips to be, as compared to when fat is injected and it grows naturally from the fat stems with time.

Secondly, this process causes less bruising and swelling. Also, results are immediately achieved by the dermal fillers as compared to the fat implant technique, which requires time for the fat cells to multiply and grow. Any possible lumps can be easily dissolved as well. This is ideal for patients who do not wish to undergo the pain and complications of implanting, as this process is quick and effective.

Lip Augmentation and What To Expect From It?

Lip augmentation is something you do not need to worry about. It is a fairly simple, fast and low-risk procedure. If you have a tight schedule and cannot afford to take a day off, we have good news: at Southwest Plastic Surgery, lip augmentation requires just a few hours of your precious time.

The doctor will ask you for personal health details that you need to provide. You might also be asked to undergo a few medical tests and checkups to make sure you are in perfect health and can proceed with the lip augmentation. You might be diagnosed for allergies and your lips will be examined in detail so that the results can be compared prior to and after the operation.

Do not expect your face to transform overnight; you will not immediately get the look you wanted, so do not expect to. In fact, for the first few days your lips might feel numb, swollen, and irritable or blemished because the doctor inserted a fine needle into your lips for the purpose of injecting. Keep in mind that however low risk it might be, there can be a few side effects of the procedure.

The Side effects of Lip Augmentation

Although lip augmentation has hardly ever gone wrong, you should be prepared and understand all the risks involved in the process. It is not a naturally occurring process; therefore, there are many things which can occur as a result of this operation.

To minimize the risks involved and make sure you get the best services and achieve the best possible results, be very careful in your choice of a physician. Choose a doctor who is experienced, professional, certified and knows what he is doing. You can even get an amateur to do the task for you but then keep in mind that results may not be as expected and the risks involved might increase tremendously, if not double. These risks include:

Apart from these, long term side effects can occur which might leave you regretting your decision to get your lips augmented. These long-term side effects can be permanent deformation of the lips. Your lips might lose their shape and appear crooked, or the procedure might leave bumps that might not dissolve and therefore make your lips look uneven and ugly. There might be stiffening of your lips or jaw.

Be fully aware of what you are planning to proceed with. Understand the risks and be prepared. Do not be forced into making any decision because of pressure from friends or family. Lip augmentation is not a joke and once performed, it cannot be reversed.

The cost of Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation, like all good things in life, obviously has a cost. This cost varies from individual to individual, as each case of lip augmentation will have different requirements and will have to be processed differently. Make sure you are aware that insurance does not cover lip augmentation or any facial enhancement treatments.

Do not make the mistake of compromising on your doctor in order to save a few bucks. Get it done from a professional who will not take your lips as a plaything. Lip augmentation costs between $2,700 – $3,200, which is not a large price to pay for beauty, confidence and pride.

Ear Surgery


Ear Surgery

Ear surgery is gaining immense popularity over the years. Whenever someone meets you, engages in a conversation with you or simply casts a single glance towards your direction, they will, consciously or unconsciously label you as attractive, unattractive or somewhere in the middle. Ears, because they are attached to your head and lie inches away from your eyes, are hard to miss.

The appearance of your ears, i.e. the shape, complexion and size, can have a strong impact on your overall beauty. Beauty is something none of us are willing to compromise on. People have been, throughout history, trying various techniques to beautify themselves. Even in today’s time, beauty speaks for itself. Where exercise and makeup do a lot for your body and are the leading contributors in your quest to appear beautiful, there might be a chance that both fail and surgery is the best option you have.

Now, the word surgery does make your heart miss a beat. You do feel frightened- who wouldn’t? But we assure you that with advancing time and technology, surgical procedures have become faster, safer and very effective in getting the result you want. Surgery can totally transform you from what you look like to what you want to look like. Ear surgery, is safe, secure and produces accurate results.

When should you go for ear surgery? It is entirely up to you. What we can tell you is what ear surgery can and has accomplished. Ear surgery is the magic wand that transforms your appearance by helping you getting rid of deformities in the ear, which have always bothered you and made you feel self-conscious or even ugly.

It does not matter if you have misshapen, bizarre, jutting out ears or if you suffer from Macrotia, where your ears are abnormally large; you would feel severely self-conscious and shy away from social gatherings. Ear surgery is the answer to your prayers.

Disfigured, crooked and unbalanced ears can also be a blow to your confidence and morale. Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that gives your ears the right shape and proportion so that they do not appear disfigured and wobbly. If your ear was deformed from birth or due to an injury, Otoplasty has been successful in transforming your ears into what you desire.

Otoplasty is very reliable. It has rarely been unsuccessful in delivering the promised results. Otoplasty is also very safe. It does not harm your hearing ability in any way. It is a short and effective surgery, which has been executed triumphantly numerous times on both, adults and children.

Many children are laughed at, ridiculed, bullied and made fun of by other children in school. This makes them feel ashamed, out of place, an inferior. This feeling is devastating to the development of their personality. Otoplasty is the best option to consider in this case. Healthy children above five years of age can easily go through this simple surgery.

Otoplasty can be performed without any risk for adults and teenagers, that is, unless they are suffering from rare medical conditions or phobias, which do not allow them to go undertake a surgery. However, before you make the decision of whether or not to go through with the surgery, you should have a clear mind and objectives, as a surgery once done, has lifetime effects and cannot be undone. Consider it before giving the final verdict; do not feel pressured by friends and family. This is not a joke.

In Texas, Dr. Frank Agullo is a professional surgeon who has specialized in every field of facial cosmetic surgery, which includes Otoplasty. He is board certified in Plastic Surgery.

Techniques of Otoplasty

Two distinct ear correction techniques used are: incisionless otoplasty and the traditional Otoplasty.

Incisionless Otoplasty

This surgical procedure is ideal for babies, children and young patients who are scared of surgery and everything it entails, such as bleeding and anesthesia. It is preferable, as it is less ‘’messy’’ and less intrusive but the results are temporary and might go away with time. This is because, instead of cutting the ear, it is stitched into the desired shape with the deformities being hidden and buried by stitching them in. This means that for the ears to stay in place and not return to the former condition there is a complete dependence on the stitches.

Another innovative form of surgery free otoplasty is with the EarWell system. This system is ideal for newborns with ear deformities. It is an external splint worn over 6 weeks that shapes the ears to look normal. It can treat a wide variety of ear deformities.

Traditional Otoplasty

This surgery calls for making an incision at the back of the ear. It is also widely known as the ‘’open’’ surgical procedure. The ear is finely sculpted and brought into shape by the use of surgical sculpting tools which may cause minimal injuries and bruises but the effects are long lasting and perfect.

Getting Ready for Ear Surgery

Before the actual execution of the surgery, you need to be informed of what you will go through and what you will achieve. Hoping for too much is not helpful, neither is being hopeless. Make your objective clear to the doctor, discuss with him the possibility of anesthesia; get all your queries answered. Before you go through with the process, you should have a clear mind, free of all doubt.

Because this can be a life-changing event, you need to carefully select the surgeon. Do not make a hasty decision and get an expert to give you the best results. Talk to the surgeon and see if you trust him. Once you are clear on the procedure, have spoken to your surgeon and discussed with him all details, you should move on to the next step.

The first step before Otoplasty starts is that you have to go through a test that will check your hearing ability to make sure that you do not have any hearing problems before the surgery begins. You might be asked for blood tests and x-rays to confirm that you are healthy enough to go through a surgery. You will also have to provide a brief medical history.

You may be asked to change your diet and lifestyle prior to the surgery. This may include giving up smoking, stopping the intake of food a day prior to the surgery and getting the required medicines beforehand, in addition to taking time off from school, college or work.

You may want to arrange someone to drive you to the hospital on the day of the surgery and then drive you back home after the process is completed, as you might not be able to do this yourself. Make sure that on the day of the surgery, you wear suitable clothing that can be unbuttoned (if a surgery gown is not available). Dr. Frank Agullo will guide you through all the necessary preparations needed before the surgery starts.

Risks of Otoplasty

Although simple surgeries like Otoplasty rarely go wrong or result in complications, you still have to fully understand and accept that doctors cannot guarantee to produce hundred percent of the desired results.

You should be fully aware what consequences an ear surgery can have.

You can experience a change in sensation, there can be permanent scars and marks from the surgery, the results may not be as promised. The surgery might cause allergies, infections, reactions. The surgery might need to be done again. It very rarely causes any serious damage like hearing loss.

For the surgery to be effective and long lasting follow the tips and guidelines that the doctor provides you with. For example, Dr. Agullo strongly advises not to smoke before and immediately after the surgery as this might be risky. Listen to the doctor’s instructions and follow them.

Recovery After Otoplasty

Each individual has a different and unique healing time depending on how healthy they are. Healing time may vary considerably.

To accelerate the healing process, follow the post-surgery instructions given by the doctor. You will often be given a headband or support to safely protect and keep your ears in place. Be careful to avoid any contact with water, keep your ear safe and guarded at all times.

Change the dressing to avoid any infection. Dr. Agullo advises that you keep your head elevated.

Keep in mind that it will pain after the surgery, be prepared for this. You can take light painkillers if your doctor approves but avoid aspirin and any similar drugs. Bruising or swelling might also occur. Take proper rest, follow the diet plan the doctor suggests. Do not lift heavy weights or engage in vigorous activities.

The Cost of Otoplasty

Otoplasty is in most cases is not covered by your insurance as it done more out of desire than need. Please make absolute sure if your insurance company covers Otoplasty or not before making any decision. The costs including the fee of the surgeon, medication, equipment and anesthesia may round off to about $3,500 to $4,500, depending on your case. Dr. Agullo will give you a rough idea of the expenses.

Ear surgery may change your life completely.

Chin Augmentation

Chin-AugmentationChin Augmentation: Bring Balance to Facial Features

Technological development in cosmetic treatments and surgeries has become fast paced and profound in the last decade. Whereas in the past, most people previous thought there was no solution for the prominent wrinkles and disproportionate features of their face, today cosmetic procedures have the power to fix all kinds of undesirable facial features and enhance an individual’s natural beauty.

A Chin Augmentation is one such procedure that improves facial appearance post surgery. But what exactly is this procedure? A typical chin augmentation is the process of inserting implants into the structure of the chin to make it a stand-out feature. Such a treatment benefits both, the aesthetic and functional aspect of the chin.

For individuals who have a disproportionate chin structure, an implant surgery on this focal area is the perfect remedy. On the other hand, people who feel their chin and throat are not the ideal distance, making them unhappy about their appearance; a carefully conducted chin augmentation is the best solution.

A chin reduction is often grouped under the umbrella of chin augmentation. However, instead of inserting an implant, a chin reduction calls for the surgeon to sculpt and shape the lower jaw bone to a size and shape that is desired by the patient.

But why go through a surgery? Surely, there are other noninvasive ways to treat these problems, no? Many people question the efficacy of a chin augmentation surgery because the sound of an implant in your face seems scary and unbelievable. However, chin implants are a long lasting and close to permanent treatment for any type of irregularity with an individual’s chin compared to other touch up surgeries that are temporary.

Therefore, while these concerns are valid, chin augmentation is a highly professional and intricate process performed according to strict guidelines. During your first visit to Southwest, Dr. Agullo – a Mayo Clinic-trained surgeon at the Southwest Plastic Surgery – will give you a detailed summary of the Chin Augmentation Process so that you know what to expect.

Combination Procedures for Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation with implants is one of those surgical procedures that are often combined with other face lifting treatments. During your consultation sessions with Dr. Agullo, do not hesitate to point out the areas of the face that you want improved. Dr. Agullo will do his best to combine the most appropriate procedures and make a face lift easy and hassle free for you. In fact, most people prefer to go through many cosmetic procedures at one time so that they do not have to prepare for each one separately.

Some combination treatments include:

Techniques Used to Enhance the Chin

Dr. Agullo specializes in all kinds of chin treatments. A double certification in Plastic and General Surgery and years of experience in the field have equipped Dr. Agullo with a wealth of knowledge and knowhow about cosmetic treatments.

With high standards to boast, chin augmentation is performed with the best equipment and technology at the Southwest clinic. The techniques used to enhance the chin usually alter the width or length of the face, giving it a more beautiful appearance and structure. To give patients an idea of what they will look like after the surgery, Dr. Agullo uses an advanced system called 3D Vetra Imaging. With just a few modifications in images, Dr. Agullo will be able to show you how you will look in just a few days!

Chin implant techniques vary according to the type of implant used. Most commonly, surgeons either make use of a Silicone Implant or a Medpor Implant – both of which have proven effectiveness and quality standards. However, depending on the problems faced by the patient, Dr. Agullo will prescribe the use of one type over the other.

With a Silicone Implant, an incision will be made just under the chin, i.e. along the natural curve of the lower jaw. Once the incision is made, the doctor stretches the tissue in the skin to make a pocket-like space for the implant to be fitted in. This cut is only as big as the implant so that it can be set within the skin muscles and tissues easily. The biggest advantage of using silicone implants is that they are malleable and are shaped according to the facial structure of the patient.

On the other hand, a Medpor Implant is hard, rigid and therefore, more suitable to be used for patients with severely disproportionate facial structures. For this implant, an incision inside the mouth has to be made to complete the augmentation process.

When the implants are settled in place between the tissues and lower jaw bone, the surgeon proceeds to close the incision with sutures. Dr. Agullo understands the reservations you may have about scarring and the general appearance of your face post surgery. Hence, Dr. Agullo does his best to minimize the incision length and skillfully close it, leaving very little chances of surgery scars to appear.

At Southwest Practice, the cosmetic surgery team makes sure you achieve the results that you desire after a chin augmentation. From a skillfully inserted implant to the gently placed tapes on your lower jaw; you will be treated with plenty of care to make your experience pain and hassle free.

Preparation & Recovery for Chin Augmentation

A chin implant, if performed as a standalone surgery, is an outpatient procedure. Hence, you will not be required to stay the night at the clinic. After an hour or two in surgery, Dr. Agullo will keep you in a care unit to monitor your progress. Because you will be under anesthesia, either general or local, a few hours of strict care will be an added benefit to make sure you recover just fine.

Despite being only an hour long, a chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that requires ample preparation before the scheduled day. Some important points to keep in mind are:

Side Effects as a Result of Chin Augmentation

While a chin augmentation is a safe procedure as far as the longevity of the implants is considered, there are certain adverse effects associated with it. Because no surgical procedure is free of risk, Dr. Agullo makes sure he gives his patients all the information about a surgery beforehand so they can make an informed decision.

During consultation sessions with your surgeon, discuss any reservations you may have regarding the procedure or its side effects.

Chin augmentation may result in any of the following:

While there is always a probability that these risks may take shape, their occurrence is quite rare when the surgeon is board certified and operates in a facility that is equipped to deal with emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

What is the cost of Chin Augmentation?

The cost of Chin Augmentation largely depends on the kind of anesthesia you choose. General Anesthesia procedures are more costly compared to partial sedation; however, make sure this decision does not entirely depend on the cost. Moreover, the type of implants used and the procedure for inserting those implants will have an effect on the cost of chin augmentation surgery as well.

The average cost of a chin implant in the El Paso and Texas region is about $4,200 – $6,000. This cost includes the fee charged by a Board Certified Surgeon, the expenses for using a medical facility, the cost of anesthesia and most importantly, the expenses related to chin implants.

Eyelid Surgery

eyelid-surgeryEyelid Surgery

Constant innovations in the field of cosmetics have rendered possible technologies that can help surgeons perform extremely intricate and detailed procedures. One such procedure that has become quite popular under the umbrella of cosmetic treatments is Eyelid Surgery.

The intricate and delicate nature of the eyes makes an eyelid surgery daunting. However, trained cosmetic surgeons who are highly qualified to perform cosmetic surgeries have the required knowhow needed to make an eyelid surgery as safe and pain free as possible. At Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice, this motto is followed relentlessly for patients coming from regions across New Mexico and Southern Texas.

Dr. Agullo has years of experience in this field and has performed various eyelid procedures over the years. Not only will he guide you through the process step by step, Dr. Agullo will also keep in mind many factors that make this treatment all the more important for you.

How Can An Eyelid Surgery Help?

The need for eye lift is different for both sexes. While a female’s eyes are delicate and graceful, a man’s eyes are rugged and have sharp edges. Aging and the effects of gravity can have an adverse effect on these features. Droopy eyelids, bags under-eyes and crow’s feet can take away the shine and luster from your eyes, leaving them dull and haggard looking.

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty, is the ideal way to tighten the skin around the eyes, making them the standout feature of your personality. A Blepharoplasty gives a young look to your eyes and the surrounding area by easing away bulges and restoring elasticity in the eyelid tissue. Lack of elasticity is a major problem with women because it hampers the proper application of eye makeup and adds so many years to their actual age!

A Blepharoplasty is effective against:

Hence, a simple eye lift procedure can help restore the shape of your eyelid and the area around it, provided you contact a qualified cosmetic surgeon. At Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Agullo has been trained at the Mayo Clinic and holds a prestigious degree in the field. Being a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you can be assured of the most professional yet friendly treatment at the hands of the surgeon at Southwest.

Getting The Best Results With Eyelid Surgery

While an eye lift is a complete process in itself, it can also be combined with other cosmetic procedures that enhance features all over the face. Depending on various factors like your age, amount of sagging, extent of dullness around the eyes and the face structure in general, Dr. Agullo will suggest whether an eyelid surgery alone will be enough or not.

Some cosmetic procedures that can be used in combination are:

As a general trend, many women prefer to opt for multiple procedures at the same time as an eyelid surgery. This helps them make the most of the time, energy and money spent on cosmetic procedures; not to mention, entails a shorter and more manageable healing time.

Eyelift Techniques Used At Southwest

Because eye lift surgeries have been performed for many years now, constant development in the technologies used and processes incorporated are commonplace. These developments have given birth to different techniques that can be used to lift droopy eyelids back in shape and make them appear distinguished.

In itself, a blepharoplasty is a straightforward procedure that takes no more than two hours to complete. With the addition of combination surgeries, however, this duration is extended. During the consultation with Dr. Agullo, you will be given comprehensive background information about which technique the surgeon will use on you for corrective measures and to reduce signs of aging on your face.

All the below mentioned techniques begin with the upper eyelid. The surgeon first tightens the skin in this area and then works his way to the lower lid. Excess skin and fat storage in both parts are first removed and the skin is then draped smoothly. Trusting an Award Winning cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Agullo yields results with minimal scarring because any incisions made are along the natural crease of the lids.

Let’s take a look at some techniques used in an eye lift.

Often, the above mentioned procedures are combined and performed one after the other. While the Transcutaneous Upper/Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty is done on the entire eyelid to give the eye contour shape, the laser blast and Protein Rich Plasma Injections add a finishing touch to the lift.

Adequate Preparation: The Key To An Effective Blepharoplasty

Preparation is a must before the day of your surgery. Because an eye lift is an intricate process, everything needs to be just about perfect for the results to be as you desire.

Dr. Agullo goes the extra mile to help you prepare for the eye lift surgery in the best possible way. Below are some of the main points to keep in mind:

Recovering From A Blepharoplasty

Are There Any Risks Associated With Eyelid Surgeries?

Risks are part and parcel of any medical procedure. However, having a board-certified doctor who is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons is a definite plus. Together with the care and comfort provided by Dr. Agullo, Southwest Plastic Surgery prides itself for equipping patients with all kinds of information regarding an eyelid surgery so they can make an informed decision.

The complications that may arise as a result of an eyelid surgery are:

With any prolonged side effects or healing reactions, make sure you contact your doctor immediately.

How Much Does An Eyelid Surgery Cost?

A skillfully performed eyelid surgery lasts for at least 5 to 7 years, or in most cases, forever. Therefore, money spent on this surgery is nothing less than an investment in your physical self. A typical eyelid surgery in the El Paso area costs around $2,500 – $3,800, depending on the number of combination procedures selected and the extent of lift needed.

This cost includes the expenses incurred from using a fully certified medical facility, services by a trained cosmetic surgeon, cost of medical supplies, fees of follow up sessions and the cost tied to hiring a reliable anesthesiologist.

Is the cost of an eye lift covered by insurance? In most cases, it is not. However, if such a surgery is deemed medically necessary, say in the aftermath of an accident, an insurer may cover this expense fully or partially. Therefore, check with your insurance company beforehand for the details of the coverage.

Neck Lift

neck-liftNeck Lift Surgery

How Does A Neck Lift Help Enhance Appearance?

In the family of Facial Cosmetic Procedures, Neck Lifts are often ignored by most people who think of them as unnecessary. While you want more focus to be directed towards your eyes, brows and cheeks, a neck lift is an equally important cosmetic surgery done to enhance the appearance of the skin below the chin.

Also called Platysmaplasty, a neck lift is performed when the neck shows extreme signs of aging and wrinkling or forms undesirable bands and bulges within its muscles. The negative effects of gravity take a toll on the neck easily, making the skin sag and lose elasticity faster than other parts of the body.

A neck lift targets three main areas namely, the jawline, the neck and the base of the throat. Via various techniques and procedures, Dr. Agullo will remove excess skin and fat from these areas and tighten the skin to enhance its appearance. Being members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Agullo is fully trained and has a number of years of experience in this field.

If you feel your neck is sagging and the formation of bands is apparent, thus compromising on your appearance, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery for a detailed and thorough examination.

Advanced Techniques Used For a Neck Lift

Because the popularity of platysmaplasty has increased, it is one of those treatments that have seen unmatched innovation and development. All across New Mexico, Southwestern Texas and Northern Mexico, Dr. Agullo specializes in neck lift procedures using some of the most technologically advanced equipment. Some of these techniques only require tightening of the platysma muscle, while others may remove and extract excess tissue.

With Board Certification in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Agullo can be trusted fully to shape the delicate skin of the neck in a natural contour. The most widely used techniques to shape and tighten the neck are:

Regardless of the techniques used, all neck lift procedures can be completed either under general anesthesia, conscious sedation, or local anesthesia. For the former, Southwest Practice makes sure that an expert anesthesiologist is part of the team that takes care of you throughout the duration of the surgery. On the other hand, if you do not want to go under completely, conscious sedation is a popular choice in which you will be sedated partially and yet feel nothing at all!

Under such monitored care, your experience at the practice will be nothing less than perfect and as pain free as possible.

Can You Combine a Platysmaplasty With Other Procedures?

Because there are so many cosmetic procedures to enhance various parts of the face, a neck lift is usually combined with various similar treatments. For many people, getting combination cosmetic treatments in one go is ideal because it shortens recovery period and the patient does not have to go through the lengthy process of preparing for surgeries time and again. Moreover, the effects of a Platysmaplasty are pronounced when other features of the face are also enhanced.

The best way to decide which facial cosmetic procedures to opt for is by addressing the major changes you want to see on your face during the consultation sessions with Dr. Agullo. Having received special training at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Agullo believes in providing individualized care and treatment options to all patients who walk through his doors.

Hence, keeping in mind the opinions of the doctors and of course, your own preferences, a neck lift may be combined with one of the following cosmetic treatments:


Preparation Needed For a Platysmaplasty

Unlike other complicated cosmetic treatments, a platysmaplasty is an out-patient procedure, i.e. it only requires patients to be under monitoring for a couple of hours. Once the surgeon gives you a go ahead after checking vitals and prescribing medicines post surgery, you will be allowed to go home.

Nonetheless, just like other medical procedures, a neck lift requires patients to do some preparation before the scheduled date to minimize the chance of infection and other side effects. To provide you with ample guidelines, following are the points to keep in mind before and after you get a platysmaplasty done.

Before the surgery:

Given that a neck lift is a routine procedure for Dr. Agullo owing to his years of experience in this field, before coming in on the day of the surgery, make sure you do the following:

During the surgery:

After the surgery:

Are There Any Risks Associated With Neck Lift Surgery?

Dr. Agullo always makes sure his patients are aware of the risks in tow of a neck lift surgery. While situations where these risks arise are few and far apart, Dr. Agullo understands that it is every patient’s right to make an informed decision.

The potential risks stemming from a neck lift are:

The cosmetic team at Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice makes sure that these risks are brought out in the open, however, it also ensures that the patient is comfortable enough to discuss their concerns and queries as well.

How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?

The cost of a neck lift surgery depends on a number of factors. These include:

These factors contribute to a lump sum cost of $3,300 – $6,000, which includes charges for the surgeon’s services, cost of anesthesia, usage of medical facilities and equipment, lab expenses, medical supplies and fee for the staff members helping out with the surgery.
While this cost is daunting for patients opting for a cosmetic lift for the first time, the feeling of a fresh and new you after the surgery is absolutely priceless.


nose-surgeryEnhancing Your Appearance With A Rhinoplasty

Is A Nose Job Right For You?

Nose Jobs are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments the world over. Because the nose is a very prominent feature of the face, a slight change in its position or shape can bring a huge difference to one’s appearance. If you have a disproportionate nose (relative to your facial structure) or are unhappy with its shape (perhaps you broke your nose as a child), a Rhinoplasty is a great option to fix these problems.

A regular nose job has the power to correct:

At Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice, many patients come for rhinoplasty procedures in the Southwestern regions of the country. With highly trained doctors, you can be assured of excellent quality service, procedures and state of the art technology, which is a must in a field as dynamic as Cosmetic Surgery.

Combination Procedures With A Rhinoplasty

While combining other facial cosmetic procedures with a nose job is quite common, the decision to do so is made after Dr. Agullo thoroughly analyzes your medical history. Because every patient has a different background, the surgeon uses his expertise in the field and related knowledge to make a decision that is in the best interest of the patient.

Together with their opinion and your preferences to correct other parts of your face, you can pick from the following combination surgeries:

Techniques Used For Rhinoplasty

Discussion over the techniques to be used in a Rhinoplasty take up most of the time during the consultation sessions with Dr. Agullo. Depending on the areas you want to enhance with the nose and your medical history, the surgeon will suggest an appropriate technique that will yield the best results and be the safest in your case.

At Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice, our plastic surgeon will make use of our 3D Vectra System, an imaging technology that lets him sketch pre- and post-surgery snapshots of the nose. This way, patients have an idea of what their nose will look like after the Rhinoplasty is complete. Aided by this highly technological system, Dr. Agullo’s advice will be in your best interest.

The two most popular techniques used for Rhinoplasty are:

Preparing For a Nose Job Surgery

In the field of cosmetic surgery, getting a nose job is considered a run of the mill task. Because other facial procedures like a complete face lift are more comprehensive and complicated, a nose job is one of the safest and least invasive options, out of all cosmetic treatments.

Having said that, it is still vital for all patients coming in for a Rhinoplasty to be prepared, mentally and physically. Unknown to many, getting a cosmetic treatment of the likes of a Rhinoplasty means one has to change the way he or she lives. Understand that your body is being asked to put in a lot of effort and resources to heal and accept the new changes; therefore, the least a patient can do is adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Being a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Agullo specializes in Rhinoplasty procedures and the care required before and after the surgery. He advises all his patients to switch to a protein-rich diet weeks before the procedure is scheduled. A greater percentage of protein in the diet makes the body stronger and gives the immune system more fuel to speed up the recovery process after the surgery.

Apart from this, some other preparations to keep in mind are:

The Road To Recovery after Rhinoplasty

After the surgery, Dr. Agullo will tape the nasal bridge and the supratip to control swelling. The same taping also puts pressure on the nasal tissues and bones to align in the new shape laid out during surgery. Moreover, the tapes or bandages are a necessary precaution against fluid build up.

During the follow up visits at Southwest, Dr. Agullo will remove the tapes and splints. However, you will be able to see your nose settle into a new position only after a couple of weeks – 2 to be more precise. From then on, up till 12 weeks, you will see slight changes every day as the post surgery effects become prominent.

During these days soreness, sensitivity and swelling of the nasal area are common complaints among most patients. Even after the nose cast is removed, you may experience a stiff upper lip or a temporary bump in the middle of the nasal bridge (if your surgery was to remove the bump in the first place).

Remember, a rhinoplasty may only take 2 hours, however, it takes several months for the nose to shift into a new position. Therefore, patience and steady resolve are a definite prerequisite!

Can A Nose Job Cause Complications?

Choosing a reputable and trained cosmetic surgeon can make a Rhinoplasty easy and hassle free. Dr. Agullo has been trained at the world famous Mayo Clinic. Thousands of satisfied patients in the El Paso, Amarillo, Horizon City, Midland and Odessa regions boast enhanced appearances, all thanks to Dr. Agullo’s wealth of knowledge and individualized care.

Apart from giving the patients a very comfortable and friendly environment to be treated in, Dr. Agullo believes in imparting all sorts of information so that patients can make educated decisions. From the advantages and possibilities of a ‘newer self’, to the side effects and risks, you can openly talk about every small aspect of a Rhinoplasty with Dr. Agullo at Southwest Practice.

Some of the complications that may arise as a result of the surgery are listed below. Keep in mind that these effects are more frequent in patients who are heavy smokers, alcoholics and have a long and complicated medical history.

These include:

Special consultation sessions are arranged for patients coming in at Southwest Practice so that they can discuss and get reassurances from Dr. Agullo regarding a rhinoplasty procedure. Therefore, make use of this time to talk about your concerns regarding these complications.

Cost Of Rhinoplasty

Apart from patience and a tad bit of resolve, a Rhinoplasty patient needs to have realistic expectations about the surgery. The same applies to the financial aspect of the cosmetic procedure. A Nose job is an intricate surgery that requires skill, a gentle hand and a whole lot of experience. The Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice makes sure every patient is given the best treatment.

Therefore, the cost of a nose job approximates between $6,700 to $10,000, depending on the extent of correction needed, the kind of anesthesia opted for and the number of combination surgeries chosen. This cost may seem exaggerated to some. However, you need to understand that it includes the fee for a reliable and experienced anesthesiologist, the cost of being in a fully monitored and hygienic facility, and the cost of cosmetic services by a board certified Cosmetic Surgeon.

Does insurance cover the cost of a nose job? In most cases, when the surgery is done for beautification purposes, insurance does not cover this cost. However, if a rhinoplasty is done as a way to relieve physical pain due to injury or disease, there is a chance that an insurer will cover the procedure partially or even fully. Therefore, it is best to consult with Dr. Agullo and also have a word with your insurance company.


faceliftFacelift Surgery

As the number of cosmetic procedures performed every year increases exponentially, more and more people now see Cosmetic Surgeries as a solution to many skin problems. From a breast augmentation to a liposuction, cosmetic surgery has advanced considerably from the once risky and unpredictable field it used to be.

The famous saying, ‘you feel as good as you look’ is often quoted by the proponents of Facial Cosmetic Surgeries. Facelift is one of the most popular procedures chosen by thousands of women all across America. Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, facelifts comprise more than 50% of all cosmetic procedures.

What is a Face Lift Surgery?

Heard of it, but don’t really know how a Facelift works? This is a common query among people, even those who plan to opt for it to bring some life to their facial skin. Also known as Rhytidectomy, a Facelift surgery helps diminish signs of aging among women. While a facelift does not stop aging, it removes excessive skin, tightens tissue, muscles and ‘re-drapes’ the facial skin on the bones for a well-defined structure.

It is a known fact that the better you look, the better your self-esteem and confidence will be. Therefore, a facelift does more than work on wrinkles; it works to help you feel good about yourself. Think of a facelift surgery as the designing of a custom dress. The techniques used to decrease wrinkles and sagging on the face give it a fresh look and a youthful feel.

The Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice is one of the most reliable places in all of El Paso to get a facelift that can bring a very positive change in your life. Dr. Agullo has been trained at the world famous Mayo Clinic and is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. With such credentials, thousands of satisfied patients trust him with their cosmetic facial needs.

Is a Facelift Right For You?

Are you the right candidate for facial rejuvenation? While just about anyone can opt for a facelift, it is necessary to identify one of the following symptoms on your face before you make up your mind.

Because the face is the most visible part of the body and its expressions are a window of your inner self to the outside world, it is highly important that you look your best at all times. Undesirable wrinkles and sagging can be like a cold blanket over motivation levels and the overall zeal one feels towards life.

Such an emotional connection to a face lift surgery is what makes it stand out from other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Agullo has years of experience in performing these surgeries, tending to patients, and giving lectures about the developments in the field of cosmetics. Hence, he gives highly professional yet friendly advice to all patients coming in for a consultation.

Combination Facelift Surgeries

A facelift is a restorative surgery, i.e. it will not change how you look, instead it will restore elasticity and youthfulness to your facial skin, making it fresher and more vibrant. If you go to Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice for a facelift only, the surgeon will target the procedure to the midface, lower face and the forehead.

However, if you want specific areas to be lifted, a facelift will be combined with a number of other specialized procedures. When Dr. Agullo calls you for a consultation, make sure you discuss the parts of your face that you feel need changes. The surgeon will keep the changes you want in mind and also suggest which procedure to combine with a facelift. Don’t hesitate or shy away to point out the flaws you want to correct because Southwest Practice prides itself for creating a very friendly and comfortable environment for patients.

Combination procedures used along with a facelift include:

Facelift Techniques

There are a number of techniques used for a facelift. Depending on the kind of lift you desire, from a basic to a comprehensive one, Dr. Agullo will decide which technique to use for the best results.

However, before we discuss the various facelift techniques used at Southwest, a disclaimer is called for. As mentioned previously, a facelift does not stop the process of aging nor does it change your looks completely. Such a procedure is only used as an enhancement technique to give facial features a fresh and rejuvenated look.

Therefore, when opting for this surgery, have realistic expectations and ideally, only aim to please yourself with the results, instead of trying to conform to social norms. Depending on what part of the face you want to target and the extent of lift desired, you will be given one of the following facelifts.

Preparing For A Facelift Surgery

Just like ample preparation is needed before any medical procedure, a number of things need to be done before you show up for a facelift surgery. Dr. Agullo will explain every stage of the surgery you have chosen so that you know what to expect. He will also equip you with detailed information about what all to do before the procedure is performed.

Ideally, a patient should quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the facelift is scheduled. Together with this, pick a day and time for the surgery during which you will have no social obligations. A facelift surgery requires you to abstain from basic medications like aspirin before and after the procedure. Moreover, because a facelift is more visible compared to other cosmetic surgeries, you will have to avoid direct UV exposure for some time.

On the day of the surgery, stay on an empty stomach from 12 am the previous night and do not apply any lotions or creams on the face. A particular precaution that needs to be exercised with facelifts is the occurrence of flu symptoms. If these are experienced, you will have to reschedule your surgery with Southwest.

Making Recovery Easy After a Facelift

The recovery time for a facelift surgery varies from a few hours to a few days, depending on the type of lift you want and whether you choose to go under complete anesthesia or conscious sedation. Either way, the high tech medical facilities at Dr. Agullo’s practice ensure a comfortable experience for every patient. Some important precautions to exercise right after the surgery are:

Risks Associated With Facelift Surgery

Any and every medical procedure has a few risks and side effects in tow of it. To minimize these, we strongly urge you to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience in this field. Nonetheless, no one has control over unforeseen circumstances, which is why understanding the risks and side effects of a Rhytidectomy is always advisable.

If you have any reservations regarding these risks, feel free to consult and discuss with Dr. Agullo. Rest assured, all your queries would be answered in the best manner.

What can you expect as a result of a facelift? Following are some risks:

How Much Does A Facelift Cost?

Because a facelift surgery is based completely on your preference and desire to look and feel good, its cost is seldom covered by insurance. Unless your medical history shows facial scarring, injuries or deformation caused by an accident, if you opt for a facelift and related surgeries, you will have to bear the cost of the procedure on your own. Therefore, make sure you check with your insurer beforehand.

Depending on what procedures you want to combine with a basic facelift, the cost of the surgeries will vary from $5,800 – $15,000. This cost includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and medication costs, costs for using medical facilities and any other expenses related to the procedure.


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