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Breast Reduction

breat-reductionBreast Reduction

Among the many breast enhancement cosmetic surgeries, Breast Reduction is one that many people haven’t heard of. Wanting to go up a cup size is a dream for a woman whose breasts are not as feminine and voluptuous as she would like them to be. But who would want to make their bust smaller?

While you may find it hard to believe why some women would opt for breast reduction surgery, such a procedure is definitely one that is sought after in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice’s award winning surgeon, Dr. Frank Agullo, provides specialized breast reduction advice and services for those who want a well-proportioned figure and consequently, a high self-esteem. Dr. Agullo tends to patients from regions like Alamogordo, Albuquerque, Silver City and Ruidoso to make sure every woman gets the best treatment she deserves for taking such a bold step towards a happier life.

Patients who go through Breast Reduction are known to be disturbed by the excessive weight and disproportionate size of their breasts. For instance, if you are a petite woman with a cup size larger than DD or E, you may not be happy with your body shape. A typical Breast Reduction patient is looking for physical and mental relief from constant unhappiness about the way they look and the hindrances they face because of an extra large bust line even if it is a genetic hand-me-down.

Are You Fit For Breast Reduction?

A woman opting for breast reduction will be able to identify one of the following prominent characteristics of her breasts. While they may vary from case to case or be present in a combination, these attributes justify a breast reduction surgery to make sure you have a healthy and strong body.

You are the right candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery if:

It may be an emotional ride leading a normal and happy life with extra large breasts. Therefore, Dr. Agullo provides individualized care for each patient choosing to go through such a surgery. Reassurance of a better self image, heightened confidence, guarantee of the use of the latest equipment and technology and Board Certification by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is what makes the doctor at Southwest popular for cosmetic breast surgeries.

Breast Reduction Techniques

With the advancements in technology, a number of Breast Reduction techniques have been developed. Over the years, some have taken precedence over others due to ease, convenience and the possibility of no scarring.

Which technique your doctor uses on you, depends on variables like the size and shape of your breasts, the extent of reduction needed and the road to recovery you want to opt for. Dr. Agullo, trained by Mayo Clinic, has talked about these techniques in various conferences world over; therefore, he has lots of hands-on experience and knowledge to assist you through this change.

There are a few popular types of Breast Reduction Techniques.

The Various Steps Involved in a Breast Reduction Surgery

Once you decide to go for Breast Reduction Surgery, knowledge of the following steps is a must. From pre-operation to post-operation, all the information should be on your fingertips so that you feel reassured and confident before bringing a drastic change in your life.

Consultation: the very first step is the consultation phase. Set an appointment with the surgeon at Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice for a private consultation during which you can let out your problems and concerns regarding the procedure. Dr. Agullo understands the emotional aspect of a Breast Reduction surgery and addresses all private concerns and issues.

If you are planning to get pregnant or nurse a child, make sure your surgeon is aware of this situation. A lot of women prefer to postpone breast reduction till after they are done with having children because pregnancy can have unpredictable effects on a woman’s body. Similarly, also consult with the doctor on the possibility of breastfeeding after the reduction surgery.


The evaluation stage is the most important part of the pre-surgery preparation. During this step, the surgeon assigned to you will conduct a thorough examination of your breasts. Information like the size, shape, extent of sagging, quality of skin and medical history will be noted down manually and via snapshots. During the evaluation, you should share with your doctor the reservations you have and the changes you want to see. Don’t worry; the surgeon will be mindful to keep your wishes as top priority.

Schedule Surgery Appointment

Once all the preliminary work is done, the surgeon will schedule an appointment for your breast reduction. Make sure you pick a date at which you can take a leave from work and get ample of rest.

Personal Preparation

After a date is confirmed for the surgery, you should begin preparation. Quit smoking at least 2 weeks before and ask a friend or family member to assist you in driving up to the clinic and back after a few hours. It is best to keep aside a few essentials in a small bag that you can bring with you on the day of the surgery.


The night before surgery, do not eat or drink anything past midnight. Because Breast Reduction is an out-patient procedure, you will be allowed to leave only after a few hours.

Keeping the chest area clean and free of lotions and creams is essential. So is carrying a button down shirt that is easy to put on before and after the surgery.


Breast Reduction is one of the least complicated breast-related procedures; therefore, recovery post-surgery is not hard. Nonetheless, it is imperative that you give your breasts some time to heal. They will appear sore and feel sensitive for 3 to 4 days; however, this is normal. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy or nauseous, follow the instructions given by Dr. Agullo strictly.

During the recovery phase, discoloration and swelling is usually seen. Therefore, wait a few weeks before you decide how effective the breast reduction was.

Follow up & Care

If your surgeon has inserted drainage tubes, follow-up procedures and appointments will be a must. Make sure you attend these and take all instructions seriously. After the surgery, the doctor will give you a special bra to wear 24/7. Till instructed, stay clear of any fancy bras and keep this special bra on all the time.

Risks Associated with Breast Reduction

Just like all medical procedures have some risks and side effects, breast reduction has some reactions that need to be kept in mind. These include:

Does Insurance Cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding breast reduction or any kind of breast cosmetic surgery for that matter. Because of the kind of equipment, technology and precision needed in breast related surgeries, their cost is often the single most daunting factor for a lot of women.

However, you need to understand that this cost justifies the use of the best methods and a surgeon who has ample experience and is certified by the ASPS. A typical breast reduction surgery, with no added procedures and complications, costs $5,600 – $8,000, depending on the amount of reduction needed.

In many cases, breast reduction surgery is often covered by insurance companies. For this, a patient’s medical history will be analyzed to confirm that she is plagued with physical and mental distress because of the extra-large size of the breasts. Dr. Agullo will work with your insurance company directly to get the procedure pre-approved.

Breast Fat Injection

breast-fat-injectionBreast Fat Injection

A procedure called Breast Fat Injection is a relatively new addition to the array of breast enhancement cosmetic surgeries available today. While fat injections are used in many types of cosmetic procedures that are targeted at different parts of the body; their use in breast enhancement and improvement has gained immense popularity and momentum.

Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice houses the latest technology and equipment necessary to perform such a cosmetic process. Board certified Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Agullo has performed breast fat injection procedures on hundreds of satisfied patients in New Mexico, Northern Mexico and West Texas. With a prestigious degree from the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Agullo is very understanding, caring and thorough with his patients. They give them heightened self-confidence with optimal results.

How does a Fat Injection Procedure improve the feel and appearance of breasts? It will be correct to think of Breast Fat Injections as an alternative to Breast Augmentation. While in the latter, synthetic Saline or Silicone Implants are positioned inside the breast tissue to uplift it and give more volume; Fat injections make the breasts rounder and fuller by simply adding more fatty tissue that is taken from other parts of the body like the abdomen or the thighs. This way, the breasts retain their soft and bouncy natural feeling.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Fat Injection Procedure

Just as every medical procedure has pros and cons, every cosmetic surgery comes with its set of goods and bads. Fat injection is, no doubt, one of the most sought after procedures in cosmetic surgery. Many women who cringe at the thought of artificial implants see fat injections as the perfect solution to small and unattractive breasts. One prerequisite of going through with this procedure is the presence of excess fat in certain parts of the body. For instance, if you are very slim, finding fat elsewhere in the body and injecting it in the bust will be hard if not impossible.

Therefore, this and many other concerns will have to be discussed and brought in the open during the consultation and examination sessions with Dr. Agullo. Because every case of breast enhancement with fat injections is different, the surgeon at Southwest Practice believes in giving individualized care to each patient. From consultation and surgery to the final follow up, your doctor will be with you every step of the way.

The following are some major advantages of opting for Fat Injections for Breast Enhancement over and above the typical breast augmentation procedure.

Apart from these million-dollar benefits, there are some drawbacks of the Fat Injection Procedure as well.

The Process for Preparing and Injecting Fat to the Breasts

Ideally, a candidate for a fat injection procedure should be in the thirties. Outgrowing the age when breasts are still developing is preferred by most cosmetic surgeons because a concrete evaluation can then be made about a woman’s genetic and physical conditions.
Typically, a fat injection process starts with an examination of the body parts that can be donors of fatty tissue. At the time of surgery, when the doctor takes out or harvests fat from the parts selected (stomach, buttocks, calves etc.), the fat tissue has to be grafted first. The grafting process has to be gentle and slow, which is why a fat injection process is more time consuming than a regular breast augmentation.

If need be, Dr. Agullo will harvest and graft fat from several different parts of the body. Via liposuction, this fat tissue is extracted, prepared and then injected in the breast mounds to make them fuller and rounder. Thus, another prominent advantage of the fat injection process is the liposuction of fat from areas that you want to flatten and tone. This makes fat injection an obvious choice for women who want to enhance more than one part of their body with the same surgery.

Due to the use of liposuction, a fat injection procedure has to be managed and watched carefully and planned. A surgeon has to take out enough fat for injection in the breasts and at the same time, he also has to make sure the physique of the patient is not disturbed by the suction. This is an intricate stage in the Fat Injection Process because the doctor has to be careful to extract just the right amount of fat without making the body suffer. If not managed properly, severe side effects can result. Years spent in the field of cosmetic surgery guarantees that Dr. Agullo makes sure the injections are administered in a highly professional manner.

Because ample time needs to be spent on this process, many surgeons prefer to complete the injection procedure in multiple sittings. In this case, multiple small injections are administered instead of one big fat injection. Apart from being more convenient, this method also results in greater precision in reshaping and realigning both breasts into a perfect bust line.

In either case, it is upon the doctor’s discretion to make a patient wear an external expander called Brava. Prior to the breast enhancement procedure, the Brava ensures that the body is in the best condition to receive fat injections. The expander works to put pressure on the chest, urging the body to generate new skin and tissues, thus making room for more fat to be injected.

Weeks before the procedure is scheduled, Dr. Agullo will walk you through the basics and make sure you are comfortable with every little detail. Discuss any reservations you have and let the surgeon help you in every way possible.

Recovering After the Fat Injection Procedure

As mentioned previously, recovering from this outpatient procedure is much easier and faster than other breast augmentation techniques. Because there are minimum incisions made, a woman can start indulging in daily activities easily, just a day or two into the process.

While recovery may be easy, a Fat Injections patient should keep in mind that not all fat injected will survive. While some integrates with the original breast muscle and tissue, a small fraction of the new fat deposits also dimple and decrease in the process.
Being patient is the key here. Dr. Agullo urges all women opting for fat injections to have a long-term vision so that enough time is given for the process to yield results. Many a times, patients are given multiple fat injections, either under conscious sedation or complete general anesthesia. These are spread across several weeks to give them the results they have always wanted.

Side Effects of Fat Injections

Because a Fat Injection Process doesn’t involve the use of implants and other synthetic material, the risks associated with this surgery are quite reduced. Some side effects, however, need to be addressed. If you have plans to conceive or nurse a child in the near future, it is better to keep these side effects in mind and discuss your options with the doctor. The surgeon at Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice will explain these side effects in detail and give a friendly and objective opinion on what you should do.

Fat Injections can result in:

Nonetheless, fat injection is one of the safest and most prescribed ways to make your breasts voluptuous and give the bust line a distinguished lift.

Is Fat Injection an Expensive Procedure?

Fat Injection is a delicate procedure. There are a number of steps involved and each has to be just right for the process to yield the best results. Owing to the complexity and cutting edge technology involved, a fat injection process costs somewhere between $5,500 – $8,000, the exact amount depending on variables that are evaluated during consultation with Dr. Agullo.

To make sure your money is spent well and your confidence is boosted by your new appearance, always consult a specialized Cosmetic Surgeon who has proper knowhow of the Fat Injection procedure.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast-ReconstructionBreast Reconstruction

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Perhaps the most important chunk of cosmetic surgery is taken up by Breast Enhancing and Corrective Surgeries. Even though these procedures are of various kinds, depending on your need, breast surgery is the single most performed cosmetic procedure all across the United States.

Breast Reconstruction is a type of plastic surgery that is chosen by women in special circumstances. Let’s understand this term thoroughly before we go into details about Breast Reconstruction as a procedure.

Breast Reconstruction is the rebuilding of the breast mound on top of the chest. As the name suggests, this cosmetic procedure structures and shapes a woman’s breast, which has been damaged or destroyed under peculiar circumstances. Most women undergo breast reconstruction because of breast cancer. Other women undergo breast reconstruction because they were born with misshapen breasts or no breast formation. Some women undergo breast reconstruction due to trauma or burns.

Breast reconstruction is a delicate and intricate surgery – one that needs to be performed by a Board Certified doctor. At the Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice, Dr. Frank Agullo understands the importance of the best reconstruction of your bust. Being a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Agullo has years of experience and knowledge under his belt, making him a top choice amongst women opting for Breast Reconstruction in all of Southwest Texas, including the El Paso, Amarillo, Horizon City and Odessa regions.

Is Breast Reconstruction Right For You?

How can you decide whether breast reconstruction is the right procedure for you?

Before you single out this surgery, consider the following questions:

Opting for Breast Reconstruction is not an easy choice. While it may weigh on you heavily, you need to understand that it is the only way to restore shape, feel and texture to your breasts and consequently, uplift your spirits and morale. Consider your options by setting up a consultation today.

Preliminary Considerations For Breast Reconstruction

Once a patient knows that breast reconstruction is the right procedure for her, Dr. Frank Agullo suggests a thorough consultation. At Southwest Plastic surgery Practice, the cosmetic surgery team goes the extra mile to make sure all patients are comfortable and reassured of the most caring treatment in Southern Texas and New Mexico, at the hands of the certified surgeon.

During these consultations, your surgeon will walk you through the steps of reconstruction surgery to make sure you know what to expect. Breast Reconstruction is performed via multiple techniques. Because this process has to be just right to give your breast the best shape, lift and size, Dr. Agullo first performs surgery to create the breast mound. This is the most important step.

Follow up surgeries will be done to bring improvements, revise the position of the breasts and to reconstruct the nipple. Other than the steps of the surgery, the following are the most important considerations; remember to ask questions about each option and make a note of the pros and cons of each:

Types of Breast Reconstruction Procedures

The type of breast reconstruction you want to opt for is the No. 1 question. There are two different ways in which a patient’s breasts can be reconstructed. While both types give similar end results, depending on a number of personal preferences and pros and cons of each, you and your doctor will choose from the following cosmetic alternatives.

Autologous Tissue Flap for Breast Reconstruction

The Autologous Tissue Flap Procedure reconstructs breasts by taking tissue from other parts of the patient’s body. For many women, this procedure takes precedence over all others because they feel their breasts will be reshaped from natural and not synthetic cells and tissues, therefore giving them a close-to-original feel.

The Autologous procedure, though lengthy and much more demanding, significantly reduces the chances of the body rejecting the new breast(s). Therefore, opting for it may be the best way to give yourself some peace of mind in the short and long run. Dr. Agullo specializes in the use of the SPY System by Lifecell Corporation, which ensures constant blood flow to the flaps and tissues and prevents flap loss after surgery.

At present, there are two ways in which a tissue flap is used for breast reconstruction. These are:

TRAM stands for Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous Flap. Using a TRAM Flap technique, the surgeon at Southwest Practice takes tissue from the tummy/abdominal area to shape the breast. Hence, along with new breasts, you also get a tummy tuck!

For this tissue flap procedure, Dr. Agullo extracts and channels tissues from the upper back (shoulder area) to the chest. These tissues are then set and shaped into breasts; giving the patient a fuller and much firmer bust. This procedure is often combined with an implant or expander.

Implant Breast Reconstruction

In an Implant Reconstruction procedure, the breasts are rebuilt using silicone implants and Alloderm Mesh. Silicone Implants Reconstruction is a popular choice in Breast Reconstruction for a number of reasons. For one, it is a much shorter surgery with fewer complications and side effects. Second, when silicone implants are used, the chances of a weak abdominal wall are reduced. Therefore, with this technique, there is no risk to other parts of the body.

Perhaps the only drawback of silicone implants is the possibility of rupture or capsular contracture. While this is a rare incident, it should always be kept in mind before you make a choice between Implant Reconstruction and Autologous Tissue Flap Surgery.

Currently, there are contour shaped cohesive silicone implants sometimes referred to as “gummy bear” implants which have improved results in breast reconstruction for many women. Southwest Plastic Surgery is proud to be in the forefront of reconstructive breast surgery by utilizing the “gummy bear” implants in the appropriate candidates.

At present, Silicone Reconstruction is done in two ways:

One Stage Immediate Breast Reconstruction:

The One Stage Immediate Breast Reconstruction Surgery has become a popular alternative for most women. This surgery combines the two procedures, i.e. mastectomy and reconstruction. While a doctor removes the affected breast, a cosmetic surgeon replaces it with a silicone implant immediately. The One Step Surgery makes it easier for the patient to recover from both the procedures at the same time, instead of going through both separately.

Two Stage Breast Reconstruction:

The Two Stage Breast Reconstruction Surgery first takes out the affected breasts from a woman’s chest and later implants the new ones in another surgery after the area heals. Instead of planting the silicone breasts immediately, the doctor places an Implanted Tissue Expander under the skin so that when the silicone implants are positioned, the chest skin is already stretched to shape.

Cost of Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgeries are covered by most health insurance policies. Because a woman goes through this procedure in the aftermath of a serious ailment like cancer, American Federal laws strongly promote this surgery as a way to a high quality of life.

Therefore, make sure your health insurance is in place before you opt for breast reconstruction. To make such legalities easy for you, Dr. Agullo takes full part in the process to get the surgery approved by insurers.

Conscious Sedation or General Anesthesia for Breast Reconstruction

While the first surgery for the breast mound is usually always done under general anesthesia, there is a choice for Conscious Sedation for later surgeries.

Preparing For Your Surgery

Unlike other cosmetic procedures related to the size and shape of breasts, breast reconstruction is more of an emotional ride for the patient. Reconstruction of the breasts is not done to enhance their appeal; instead, it is performed in the aftermath of breast cancer, which is one of the most rapidly spreading diseases in the world.

With a high death rate of women who fail to make it through as a result of breast cancer, if you make it to the reconstruction stage consider yourself lucky. At Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice, Dr. Agullo understands this dilemma. Apart from providing adequate advice and medical care; they will be your support throughout the duration of the reconstruction.

Therefore, you have to be emotionally strong and take the following steps before your surgery:

Risks Associated With Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is a safe procedure. However, just like there are side effects and risks associated with every surgery, breast reconstruction is no exception. Some common risks include:

The Road To Recovery after Breast Reconstruction

Recovery from breast reconstruction can take time. For at least 6 to 8 weeks you may experience soreness, swelling and pain. This will make you dizzy, nauseous, light headed and even cause rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.

Throughout the recovery period, Dr. Agullo and his team will monitor you closely and watch for undesirable signs. If you feel any extreme side effects, inform your doctor immediately. At the time of departing, the surgeon will give you a special bra; make sure you wear it day and night to help your breasts recover gradually.


Breast Augmentation

breast-augmentationWho Is Right for Breast Augmentation?
Are You Unhappy With How Your Breasts Look?

Studies relating self-esteem and outer appearance are not uncommon. All around the world people strive to achieve what psychologist call the ‘ideal self’ in one way or the other. Be it miraculous diet pills or an unfailing morning exercise routine, having a proportionate body is usually No. 1 amongst every modern woman’s New Year Resolutions.

Noting this trend in society, and fueling it in some ways, medical and cosmetic experts have designed a number of ways to make sure the aspiring woman achieves this self with procedures that are minimally invasive in nature. One such procedure is called Breast Augmentation, which has fast become one of the most famous cosmetic treatments to a disproportionate body.

Ever Considered Breast Augmentation?

What exactly is Breast Augmentation and why has it gained so much popularity?

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that ‘increases the roundness, fullness and projection of the breasts; giving them a voluptuous feel and look.’ From bringing a balance in shape to increasing the size of very small breasts, Breast Augmentation is the best way to a new you.

This surgery, though cosmetic, has deep-rooted benefits. Outwardly, a patient will have fuller breasts but from within, an undeniable increase in self-esteem and confidence is the main reason why women opting for this process have increased in number in the last decade. Clinical studies and research surrounding the benefits of Breast Augmentation have increased proportionately as a result.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 347,524 women opted for Breast Enhancement in 2007 alone. A study issued by the same also revealed that most of these women were embarrassed by their appearance and chose breast augmentation as a way to find a better personality.

Have you ever felt you wouldn’t look good in a strapless evening gown because you don’t have a fuller chest? If so, you may have just found a solution to this problem at the Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice in El Paso, Texas, which is known for Breast Augmentation Surgeries.

However, what is important to understand at this point is that Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure. It is a serious cosmetic surgery that should be opted for when and if you feel unsatisfied with how you look.

Apart from an ideal outer appearance, various situations justify the use of Breast Augmentation.

Have you ever considered Breast Augmentation as a way to enhance your appearance and give a boost to your femininity? Here are some characteristics that define an ideal candidate for this cosmetic procedure. Expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Agullo of Southwest Plastic Surgery believes that a female opting for Breast Augmentation should be:

Techniques For Breast Augmentation

Techniques and surgical procedures related to Breast Augmentation are constantly being refined as more and more technological advancement kicks in; after all, having an improved appearance (and consequently an improved body) is the ultimate goal.

Today, breast enhancement has become a minimally invasive procedure as mentioned previously. At Dr. Agullo’s Southwest Cosmetic Surgery Practice, Breast Augmentation is classified as an ‘outpatient’ procedure. This means that patients who come in for the surgery, which lasts an hour, can easily go home on the same day. Therefore, no longer does one have to spend nights in a hospital bed following a breast enhancement procedure!

At the Southwest Cosmetic Practice, our cosmetic surgeon uses the Vectra 3D Imaging System. This state of the art technology gives patients considering Breast Augmentation, a snapshot of how their breasts will be after the surgery. Therefore, instead of having a doctor make a rough post-surgery sketch, you can now analyze the after-shape, size, volume and roundness of breasts all with a few images.

How is Breast Augmentation surgery performed? While the actual procedure followed depends on a number of factors discussed below, as a general rule of thumb, breast enhancement is done by making an incision near the bust area. Within this incision, the surgeon makes ‘pockets’ within the breast. In these pockets, either saline or silicone implants are inserted and set either below or above the muscle.

Once set in place, the incision is sutured and given time to heal. Because of the care and caution exercised at every step of the surgery, your surgeon makes sure that once the breasts heal, there is as little scar as possible.

A couple of considerations that go with this surgical procedure are detailed below. Each of these is interlinked; therefore, the choice of one affects the other.

Type of Implant for Breast Augmentation

breast-implantChoosing the right implant is an important decision. This will be the first step in Breast Augmentation Surgery should you choose to go for it. There are two choices to be made in this category: size of implant and material of implant.

Size of Implant for Breast Augmentation

In its truest sense, breast augmentation is a breast enhancement procedure. Therefore, anyone opting for it would want to increase the size and fullness of their breasts. However, as mentioned above, a patient should be realistic while making crucial decisions about breast augmentation. Cup sizes start from A to B, C, D, DD, E, EE and go further up. During the consultation phase at Southwest Practice, the surgeon responsible for your case will make you try on various ‘sizers’ so that you can decide the extent of enhancement that will be perfect for you. Keep in mind that a cup size is between 150 to 200 cc’s. At Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Agullo is able to provide you with a simulation of what different implants will look like in your body using the Vectra 3D system.

Material of Implant for Breast Augmentation:

This is perhaps the most important decision in the entire cosmetic process. After hearing your wishes and concerns, the surgeon will choose either Silicone Implants or Saline Implants. While both are highly safe and effective, the choice of one over the other depends on a number of factors.

Silicone implants are lighter, gel filled, more natural feeling, better at giving a perfect silhouette, and can be placed over or below the pectoralis muscle.

At Southwest Plastic Surgery, if you are a good candidate, you will be given the option of using the latest breast implants available. Also known as contoured, shaped, or tear drop implants, these prosthetics provide the most natural appearance possible after breast augmentation.

Saline implants are heavier, filled with saline water, less costly, placed under the muscle, 100% safe because in case of rupture, saline water can be absorbed by the body and give perfect symmetry to the bust line.

In this step of your decision process, Dr. Agullo will guide you with his valuable opinions and make sure you get the best result from the surgery. The brands used by the Southwest Practice for breast implants are Mentor Memory Gel, Allergan Natrelle and Sientra.

Types of Incision for Breast Implants:

The type of incision made is directly dependent on the type and size of implant chosen. For instance, in case of saline implants a smaller incision is needed because of its material and placement. There are three types of incisions:

In this approach, the incision is made at the deepest point of the armpit. Therefore, it is concealed from view.

In this approach, the incision is made at the junction of the lower portion of the areola with the normal breast skin.

In this approach, the incision is made right below the breasts. This is the typical or most common incision.

Types of Anesthesia for Breast Augmentation:

Breast Augmentation can be performed either with general anesthesia (fully asleep) or with IV conscious sedation (partially asleep; therefore quick recovery). The patient gets a say while choosing either method; however, Dr. Agullo will make a detailed note of any medical history and then give a final verdict.

Extent of cosmetic improvement needed for Breast Augmentation:

Many times, a cosmetic surgery patient is looking for more than just breast enhancement. In this case, a number of breast related surgeries could be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. For instance, if your problem is breast sagging + lack of firmness, the surgeon may perform an augmentation + breast lifting to make sure you are satisfied with the results of the change. Similarly, procedures like tummy tuck can also be incorporated within the same surgery.

How to Prepare For Breast Augmentation Surgery

Since Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure, not a lot needs to be done prior to your surgery. However, mentally preparing yourself for the big change makes up for most of this preparation phase. First, make sure you spend adequate time with the doctor during the consultation sessions. Think about your choices and sleep over your decision. Once done, having rounder, firm and attractive breasts can be a dream come true.

A spin off of breast augmentation preparation is getting accustomed to a healthier lifestyle. This means you have to quit smoking at least two weeks before and two weeks after the implants are positioned so that rate of healing is improved.

Moreover, just a night before, make sure you do not eat or drink after midnight and do not apply any lotions, creams or makeup to your chest. Also, make sure you have arranged for a family member or friend to be there with you on the day of the surgery. Just after arousing from heavy anesthesia, we would not want you behind the wheel at all!

Recovery and Care Instructions for Breast Augmentation

General swelling and tenderness around the breasts is very normal after a breast augmentation surgery. The most important care instruction post-surgery is the kind of bra you will wear. Stay away from wired and padded bras for at least two months; don’t worry, this duration is the only time you have to be careful and keep your breasts safe. A special bra will have to be worn day and night for a couple of weeks to protect the implants and help them descend into the ideal position.

Apart from this, the recovery time for breast enhancement differs depending on the placement of implants and the kind of anesthesia used. It is strongly advised for patients to strictly monitor how they feel for the first few days after the surgery. Headaches, chest pains, dizziness and/ or shortness of breath should immediately be reported.

At the Southwest Cosmetic Practice, Dr. Agullo stays in close touch with his patients with weekly follow-ups during the recovery period. He suggests that his patients follow his care instructions strictly even if they feel just fine after the surgery. Better safe than sorry!

Does Breast Augmentation Have Side Effects/ Risks?

After being approved by medical and health experts for over 40 years, Breast Augmentation has become a routine procedure today. With minimum risks, surgeons like Dr. Agullo at Southwest Practice have years of expertise in this field.

Not only this, approach a woman who has undergone breast augmentation and all you will hear is praise about the smoothness of the surgical procedure and the satisfaction with the results. Nonetheless, to keep patients in the loop and give them a complete understanding of what they are choosing, the doctor usually makes the following risks known to them:

Having said that, if you contact a certified surgeon who performs the surgery in a strictly controlled facility, there is no reason for you to not have the breasts you have always wanted.

Cost of Breast Augmentation

Cost of breast augmentation procedures varies somewhere between $3500 to $5500 depending on the kind of implant, type of anesthesia, and incision. However, make sure to choose a certified surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery instead of picking one that charges less. This is an important decision that has long lasting effects.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift SurgeryBreast Lift Surgery

The popularity of Cosmetic Procedures that enhance appearance has gone up considerably in the recent past. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more than 10 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2012 alone. With such a high number, the field of cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever before.

Breast lift surgeries are a popular type of breast enhancement that improve the overall look and feel of a woman’s chest. Also known as Mastopexy, a breast lift is the best way to pump volume into sagging breasts that have drooped because of age, pregnancy or some accident. At Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice, Dr. Agullo uses cutting edge technology and equipment to make sure the procedure is as smooth and painless as possible.

If you want to opt for a breast lift surgery together with a tummy tuck or a breast augmentation, consult the surgeon at the Southwest Practice for the best advice on Mommy Makeovers.

Do You Need A Breast Lift?

Unlike a Breast Reconstruction, a Breast Lift Surgery is entirely a personal preference. Not everyone believes in getting a breast lift even when their breasts sag with age because they view it as a natural process. However, if you are conscious of how you look, a breast Mastopexy is the best remedy to restore perkiness and volume to breasts that:

Are you the perfect candidate for such a surgery? Before you decide to go through with a breast lift procedure, analyze and think through a couple of things. Dr. Agullo strongly suggests all patients coming in for a breast lift to be ready to accept change and have a long-term horizon in mind.

This means that, for instance, if you are planning to become pregnant in the near future, it is best to put off a breast lift until after you have delivered. Because pregnancy stretches a woman’s skin, a breast lift may not be as obvious in the long run. Moreover, a Mastopexy requires a certain healing and recovery time, during which a mother cannot nurse a baby (once healed, breastfeeding is done normally).

Apart from this, the risks of the surgery also need to be kept in mind. Hence, an ideal candidate for a Mastopexy is a woman who has fully developed breasts, is ready to take the risks and give the breasts ample healing time.

To make sure, a patient meets this criteria, your surgeon at the Practice will thoroughly examine your breasts; their shape, size and the extent of sagging. All these variables will then determine the level of lift needed and the shape and position of the breasts post-surgery.

Understanding A Breast Lift Surgery

The Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice is one of the most specialized centers for breast lift surgeries in all of West Texas, New Mexico and Northern Mexico. Dr. Agullo is board certified and holds a membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With years of experience in plastic surgery, and breast lift surgeries in particular, Dr. Agullo will guide you at every step of the process.

To make patients comfortable and relaxed, Dr. Agullo holds several consultation sessions to get to know the patients and help them understand what to expect in a breast Mastopexy.

Breast Lift is a vast field of cosmetic surgery. There are various kinds of lifting procedures used, depending on the shape and size of the bust. In general, all these techniques have a few aspects in common. For instance, all breast mastopexies involve incisions.

There are three types of lift:

A donut lift is ideal for women who suffer from mild sagging. Such patients do not need more than 2 cm of areola elevation. In this type of lift a breast augmentation is also performed. A donut lift gives a fuller and perkier look to the breasts, reduces the size of the areolas, and improves symmetry.

A lollipop lift is a remedy for sagging breasts. It involves two incisions, the one around the areola and the one running vertically from it. Before a lollipop lift is done, a patient’s medical history and breast conditions are thoroughly analyzed.

This is the most common type of breast lift. It is usually done when a considerable rise in the breast is indicated. The procedure involves three incisions: one running vertically from the areola to the crease beneath the breast, the second around the areola and the third running horizontally on the natural curve of the breast line.

After the incisions are made and the type of lift decided upon, excess breast skin is removed. The surgeon then places the areola and the nipple in a higher position on the breast so that it appears lifted and has higher staying power. Many patients opt to increase the breast size with implants at the same time as the lift in order to obtain more upper pole fullness.

One of the biggest concerns among women opting for a breast lift is whether they will have a sensation in their breasts after the surgery. While there is a risk involved here, Dr. Agullo is able to keep the areola and nipple attached to the tissue beneath the skin. This way most women are able to nurse children and also feel a sensation, just as they would before the surgery.

Being fully trained and experienced in the procedure, Dr. Agullo tries his best to minimize the scarring as much as possible. With proper healing and care, these incision scars fade away with time.

Preparing For a Breast Lift Surgery

The biggest motivation for preparing for a breast lift is the new figure you will have. A breast lift is an instant confidence boost because with a better figure, you can now wear figure hugging clothes and even opt for swimming and bathing suits that you have always shied away from!

While, this surgery is an out-patient procedure completed by Dr. Agullo within a few hours, we suggest you come prepared in case there are delays or just so you have some peace of mind as you recover after it.

How should you prepare for a breast Mastopexy and what can you expect? Here are some essential details.

Before The Surgery

On The Surgery Day

After The Surgery

Risks Associated With Breast Lift Mastopexy

While breast lifts are usually met with a lot of enthusiasm, keep in mind a few risks associated with the surgery. Most of these risks and side effects can be minimized with proper care post-surgery till the wounds are healed and Dr. Agullo directs you to discontinue the use of the special bra.

These risks include:

Cost of Breast Lift Mastopexy

In the El Paso region, a regular breast lift surgery costs close to $5,600 – $8,000. The exact cost depends on the level of lift needed and the size of incisions being made. To get the exact quote, you can discuss this with Dr. Agullo freely during one of the consulting sessions.

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